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Jesse Gainer


Office: Education 3033
Phone: 512.245.3534

Curriculum Vitae

Jesses Gainer is an Assistant Professor who joined the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in 2005. His academic background includes a BA in Spanish from Earlham College, a MA in Language and Literacy and a PhD in Curriculum Studies (both from University of Texas at Austin). His primary research interests include critical media literacy, literacy and popular culture, and issues of equity and access in education.

Courses Taught


RDG 3315 Assessing Literacy: Early Childhood Through Grade Six

Students will understand principles of literacy assessment to guide literacy instruction for all children, including culturally and linguistically diverse students, and plan appropriate instruction in a field-based setting.


RDG 3320 Integrating Reading and Writing

Course focuses on the integration of reading and writing with other subject areas, especially social studies, with special attention given to ESL methodologies for language arts instruction. The workshop approach for reading and writing is emphasized.


RDG 3321 Literacy Instruction for Early Childhood Through Grade Six

Course provides for the understanding, critical analysis, and application of current literacy methods and materials, with a focus on ESL theories and methodologies. Course is taught in a field-based setting.


ECE  4310 Seminar for Teachers of Young Children

Directed field experiences in observation, participation, problem solving, assessing and teaching in programs for young children. A minimum of 1.5 hour seminar per week is required in addition to assignment (three hours weekly) in an approved preschool or kindergarten program.


ECE 4352 Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten Children

Emphasizes research, program development, and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, materials and activities for children ages 3-6 and collaboration with families.



RDG 5322 Teaching Reading in the Elementary and Middle Grades

Course focuses on effective literacy instruction in elementary and middle schools, including the following areas: word identification, spelling, word study, vocabulary instruction, comprehension strategy instruction, fluency, critical literacy, and engagement. The course examines reading curricula, instructional assessment, and selection of material.


RDG 5340 Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom

Course focuses on the relationships between reading and writing; the connections among written language, oral language, and thinking; and the organization of integrated reading and writing instruction in grades EC-12, including “workshop” techniques and thematic teaching.


RDG 5380 Special Topics: New Literacy Studies

This course is one of several rotating graduate “topic” courses.  Repeatable for credit.

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