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Graduate Studies in Bilingual Education

Program Coordinator: Dr. Roxane Cuellar Allsup

"Bilingual education ensures that students who are not native English speakers get the necessary grounding in core academic subjects while making the transition to all-English classes."  Richard W. Riley, Secretary of Education, 1995

Bilingual Education programs serve children who have a language other than English in their homes and need help learning English.  The program also benefits English speaking children who may participate to become proficient in two languages.  Six hundred Bilingual teachers are needed in Texas each year to meet the needs of limited English proficient pupils.  This shortage of certified bilingual teachers will continue for years to come.

The master's program in bilingual/bicultural elementary education is designed for bilingual individuals interested in teaching in kindergarten through 6th-grade classrooms.  Those who are passionate about teaching, learning and making a difference should consider this master's degree program.

Course Work

Certified teachers who enter the graduate bilingual/bicultural elementary education program work toward either a master of education or a master of arts with a major in elementary education-bilingual/bicultural. 

Individuals who do not have undergraduate degrees in education but wish to earn their EC-6 bilingual generalist teaching certificates while pursuing master's degrees in bilingual/bicultural elementary education can do so through the Certification with a Master of Education Degree (CMED) program.

Master of Education with a Major in Elementary Education-Bilingual/Bicultural

This 36-semester-hour program requires students to complete 24 semester hours of elementary education course work and 12 hours of course work in an approved minor.  The default minor is methods and materials for bilingual/bicultural education unless the student request another minor.

Master of Arts with a Major in Elementary Education

This 30-semester-hour program requires students to complete at least 24 semester hours of elementary education course work, plus a six-hour minor in methods and materials for bilingual/bicultural education ( unless another minor is requested) and a written thesis.

Admission Policy

Applicants must meet the Texas State Graduate College's minimum GPA requirement of 2.75 for the last 60 hours of coursework leading to the bachelor's degree.  No GRE score is required.

Each applicant must submit the following to the Graduate College at Texas State:

  • an official Texas State Graduate College application form
  • one official transcript from each senior-level, post-secondary institution attended.

Online Application to the Graduate College

Visit for access to an online application and additional details.  Applications are due June 15 for the fall semester, October 15 for the spring semester, April 15 for summer I and June 1 for summer II.  The Graduate College will continue to process applications received after these deadlines; however, such applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no guarantees of admission.

Financial Assistance

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a variety of scholarships made available by generous donors.  Visit the department Web site at for application details.

For more information about scholarships, financial aid and application deadlines, visit the Graduate College Web site at and click on Financing your Graduate Education.

Program Faculty: Email
Roxane Cuellar Allsup
Maria G. De la Colina
Mary Esther. Huerta
Gloria Johannessen
Luz Maldonado
Charise Pimientel

Listed below are courses typically included in the graduate bilingual/bicultural program.

Course Description Course Number
Elementary Curriculum Management CI 5326
Teaching Reading RDG 5322
Human Development CI 5313 OR ECE 5318
Elementary School Science Curriculum CI5329
Second Language Acquisition and Development CI 5337
Educating Students with Mild Disabilities SPED 5326
Elementary Social Studies Curriculum CI 5328
Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL CI 5336
Spanish for Dual Language Two-Way Classroom CI 5377
Bilingual Education Principles and Practice CI 5387
Elementary Mathematics CI 5303
Bilingual Education/ESL Content Instruction CI 5374
Connecting Reading & Writing RDG 5340