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Current Research Studies

Project Title    IRB Number For Information, Contact

Assessing Cultural Competence and Multicultural Knowledge from Students Enrolled in Developmental Mathematics (Math 1300 and Math 1311) 

2017275 Dr. Russ Hodges and Dr. Emily Summers
Project Title: Mix It Up: Correlated Geology and Math 2016W4728 Dr. Emily Summers

An Investigation of the Salient Factors Students Gain from Taking a Learning Frameworks Course 

EXP2015F901636K  Dr. Russ Hodges and Dr. Emily Miller Payne
50-State Snapshot of Developmental Education Policy EXP2015F766313B Dr. Russ Hodges and Dr. Emily Miller Payne
A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Assessment of Cultural Competence and Multicultural Knowledge in First Year College Students 2014Q6863 Dr. Emily Summers

RAPID: Geospatial Resources, Materials, and Tools for STEM Teacher Preparation, National Science Foundation grant in coordination with Association of American Geographers.

2014L863203S Dr. Emily Summers
Disciplinary Literacy: Field Testing Curriculum for a College Transition Course 2013Z868 Dr. Jodi Holschuh
An Investigation Responding to Educators' Needs for Increased Social Studies College and Career Readiness Equity and Access 2013W4323 Dr. Emily Summers
Instructional Effects of Integrated Reading and Writing EXP2013U389848S Dr. David Caverly,
Dr. Eric Paulson
Examining The Story Arc of the Graduate School Experience 2012O5270 Dr. Jodi Holschuh
Credentialing Model for Developmental Education       2012Q4083 Dr. Eric Paulson, Dr. Taylor Acee,
Dr. David Caverly, Dr. Russ Hodges, Dr. Jodi Holschuh, Dr. Selina Mireles, Dr. Emily Miller Payne
Disciplinary Literacy: How science, history, and English teachers read a common text   2012J1521    Dr. Jodi Holschuh
The Intersection of Self-efficacy and College Textbook Reading Strategies         2011Z3362  

Dr. Eric Paulson,
Dr. Jodi Holschuh

An Examination of the Outcomes Associated with Participation in the Texas Adult Education Credential Project    2011M9357    Dr. Emily Miller Payne
Evaluation of the Adult Basic Education Innovation Grant Program    EXP2011E200   

Dr. Eric Paulson, Dr. Selina Mireles,
Dr. Taylor Acee

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Student Success Program    EXP2011N7947     Dr. Selina Mireles, Dr. Eric Paulson, Dr. Taylor Acee
Motivational Influences on Developmental Education Math Student Achievement and Continued Interest in Math    EXP2010I9451   Dr. Taylor W. Acee
FOCUS: Fundamentals of Conceptual Understanding & Success    EXP2010C5141    Dr. Selina Mireles, Dr. Emily Miller Payne
An Investigation of Texas Mathematics CCRS Themes in Teacher Preparation    EXP2010E5212    Dr. Selina Mireles
The Impact of Professional Development on the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards on Adult Transition Educator Preparation    EXP2010E4246   Dr. Emily Miller Payne
An Exploratory Examination of High-Quality, Sustained Adult Education Professional Development as it Affects Adult Learner Achievement in Reading, Mathematics and English Language Acquisition    EXP2010C5666   Dr. Emily Miller Payne
Identification and Analysis of the Teacher Preparation Gap in Community College Developmental Reading Instruction    2010M3457   Dr. Eric Paulson
A Study of the Effectiveness of Developmental Reading at Texas State University-San Marcos    2010U3451   Dr. David Caverly,
Dr. Eric Paulson
A Study of the Efficacy of Developmental Reading for Hispanic Males    2010-01020    Dr. David Caverly
Academic Vocabulary: Analyzing College Texts and Creating Post-Secondary Vocabulary Lists    2009A6979      Dr. Jodi Patrick Holschuh 
Using Learning Autobiography reflective journals in Developmental Reading:First generation students talking about life influences     EXP2009D1447     Dr. Jodi Patrick Holschuh
Beyond Tutoring: Mapping the Invisible Landscape of Writing Center Work    EXP2008E1689   Dr. Rebecca Jackson