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Academic Literacy Concentration

The academic literacy (reading and writing) option prepares educators to develop the requisite theoretical and practical literacy knowledge to be successful teaching in two- and four-year institutions. Courses focus on foundational and advanced theory and practice of literacy learning in postsecondary settings including college literacy, theory and research of literacy, and foundations in rhetoric and composition. The academic literacy option prepares graduates to manage developmental literacy programs and teach in developmental reading and/or writing programs.

Coursework for the Academic Literacy Concentration

Below is a listing of courses required/offered for the Academic Literacy Concentration.
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Prefix Number     Required Courses -- All Concentrations     SCH
DE 5375    Learners in Developmental Education Contexts    3
CI 5330     Multicultural Teaching and Learning     3
CI 5390    Research Methods and Measurement in Education     3
Prefix Number     Thesis Option SCH
CI 7351   
ED 7351)
Beginning Quantitative Design and Analysis   3
CI 7352  
ED 7352)
Beginning Qualitative Research   3
DE 5399 A    Thesis   6
DE 5399 B     Thesis   3
  TOTAL 12
Prefix Number     Non-thesis Option     SCH    
EDTC 5310    Introduction to Educational Technology     3
DE 5339     Assessment and Evaluation in Developmental Education   3
  Free elective    6
  TOTAL 12
Prefix Number     Literacy Concentration (Choose 5 courses)    SCH
RDG 5320     Foundations of Literacy     3
RDG 5331    Literacy Methods for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students  3
RDG 5334     Family Literacy    3
RDG 5335     Adult Academic Literacy     3
RDG 5345 Assessment Driven Literacy Instruction   3
RDG 5370a New Literacies  
RDG 5370c Foundations of Integrated Reading and Writing Pedagogy 3
RDG 5395     Teaching College Academic Literacy to Adults     3
RDG 7301     Theory and Research of Literacy     3
RDG 7302     Theory and Research of College Basic Literacy     3
ENG 5300     Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment     3
ENG 5310     Studies in English Language and Linguistics     3
ENG 5316 Foundations in Rhetoric and Composition
Topic: Contemporary Composition Theory

ENG 5316    
Foundations in Rhetoric and Composition
Topic: Composition Pedagogy    

ENG 5317    
Specialization in Rhetoric and Composition
Topic: Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Administration    

ENG 5317    
Specialization in Rhetoric and Composition
Topic: Writing Across the Curriculum    
ENG 5383    Studies in Rhetorical Theory
Topic: Rhetorical Theory
  TOTAL 15