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A Leader Among Leaders

Paige Haber-Curran headshot

By anyone's standards, Associate Professor Paige Haber-Curran from the Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology is having quite a successful year.

Apart from the numerous awards and recognitions she has received from various organizations and conferences, she has also been awarded a Fulbright with appointment to Austria for spring 2018. Her host institution will be Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and her project will be Developing and Examining Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Austria Business Administration Graduate Education. 

Most recently, Haber-Curran accomplished at Texas State University what no assistant professor has done in 15 years; she received the Texas State University Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities (Assistant Professor Rank) and the Presidential Seminar Award for 2017.

The Presidential Awards are intended to recognize and reward superior accomplishments, provide models of excellence for fellow faculty, and to encourage all faculty to continue to perform, improve and advance their teaching, scholarly/creative activity, and service.  

The purpose of the Presidential Seminar Award is to highlight and recognize superlative research, creative work, or other scholarly efforts undertaken by Texas State University faculty members. The recipient delivers the Presidential Seminar during the spring semester and is honored at a reception during the fall. 

One has to wonder what Haber-Curran thinks about all of her recent success. “Honestly, I’m still in shock,” she shares. “I also earned tenure this year, so there has been a lot to celebrate. Being honored through these awards feels great [and I feel] affirmed in the work that I am doing.”

Haber-Curran’s research agenda focuses primarily on college student leadership development. Her scholarly work focuses heavily on women’s leadership, emotionally intelligent leadership, and how students learn and develop leadership capacities. 

“This important work is needed now more than ever; it is an understatement to say that socially responsible leadership and emotionally intelligent leadership are significantly lacking in our world,” explains Haber-Curran on the significance of her research. 

With a clear focus on her research goals and the accolades to back up her accomplishments, what drives Haber-Curran to continue her work and look beyond the success? “As cheesy as it sounds, I want my work to inspire others to better themselves so they can effectively educate and work with others in order to make a positive impact in our communities and our world,” said Haber-Curran. “At conferences when colleagues share with me that my work has helped them rethink how they lead or how they teach, or students approach me to share how my work has influenced their leadership development, I know that I am living my purpose.”