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How to Apply for Certification

When to apply

You should apply for your certificate at the end of your student teaching semester (or internship/practicum). The Office of Educator Preparation will process applications for certification after grades post for master's level and post-baccalaureate students, and after degrees post for undergraduate students earning their first bachelor's degree. NOTE: Please keep in mind that your application will require manual review by designated staff at TEA and Texas State University. It can take several days for your certificate to post.

The following requirements must be met in order to be recommended for certification:

  1. Bachelor's degree (Master's degree for Principal, Superintendent, School Counselor, and Reading Specialist certificates)
  2. Credit for Student Teaching (or internship/practicum)
  3. Passing scores on TExES (or TExMaT) certification exams (including ESL for EC-6 and Special Education candidates)
  4. Teaching Service Record: Principal, Superintendent, School Counselor, Reading Specialist, and Master Teacher applicants, email a PDF of your teaching service record to so that we can verify your years teaching in an accredited K-12 school.

How to Apply

If you have questions about the TEA application, contact TEA directly.  Our office cannot assist with the application.

  1. To apply for your certification, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions below.
  2. Login using your previously created username and password. When you log in to TEAL, you will see an educator link in the center of the page. Click on it to continue.
  3. Verify your personal information, click continue.
  4. Click on the Applications tab and select Standard Texas Certificate Program.
  5. The entity to select is Texas State University - University Based. Do not select the Master option unless you have completed a program for Master Math, Master Reading, Master Science, or Master Technology Teacher. NOTE: Students in the Reading Specialist program must first submit the standard/university-based application; after you are recommended for Reading Specialist, you may add the Master Reading Teacher certification.
  6. Pay the fee for the standard certificate, preferably online.
  7. State Law requires all teachers to complete a national FBI fingerprint background check. Request a fingerprint packet and pay the fingerprinting fee.

NOTE: Regardless of what districts may require for student teaching, you will still have to pay for and apply for fingerprinting/background check with TEA.

TEA will issue the certificate after

  • You have paid all of the fees; and
  • Your fingerprint background check results have come back clear; and
  • Texas State has recommended you. To be recommended for certification,
    • You must have a Bachelor's degree (or Master's degree for professional certificates),
    • Credit for Student Teaching (or internship/practicum),
    • Passing scores on TExES certification exams (including ESL for EC-6 and Special Ed candidates),
    • And, for Professional Certificates only, experience in an accredited K-12 school (years of service determined by TEA).

You will not receive a physical certificate. Log into your TEA account to view and print your official teaching certificate.

After you are a certified teacher, you can earn additional classroom teacher certificates by taking the appropriate TExES exams and applying through TEA for Additional Certification.

TEAL setup (PDF, 1 MB)