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Test Approval

About the Exams

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) are the state required teacher examinations for all Texas Educators. You must have approval from an Educator Preparation Program to register for the exams. Test approval is a manual process; therefore, students must submit an application for approval to test.

Based on your officially declared certification area (not your major or minor), you will be approved for the PPR, your content exam, and, if you are seeking EC-6 certification, the appropriate supplemental exams: ESL, Special Education, or Bilingual & BTLPT.

When to Apply

Test approval does not mean you have to take your exams right away; it simply gives you the ability to register for your exams.The Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) encourages all initial teacher certification candidate to pass their exams prior to Student Teaching, if possible.

Undergraduate students: apply for test approval during the first semester of blocks.

Master's and Post-Baccalaureate students: apply for test approval immediately after you have submitted your application for field based blocks or field experience (generally the semester prior to student teaching).

Professional and Master Teacher Certificate students: generally apply for test approval during your internship or practicum, but each program is different.

  • School Counselor: COUN 5338 + Practice Exam.
  • Reading Specialist: Enrollment in/Completion of RDG 6333.
  • Master Math Teacher EC-4: Apply during your last semester; test approval will be granted after completion of program coursework.
  • Master Math Teacher 4-8: Apply during your last semester; test approval will be granted after degree awarded for M.Ed. in Middle School Mathematics.
  • Master Reading Teacher: For non-Reading Specialist candidates only, apply during last semester; test approval will be granted after completion of program coursework.
  • Master Technology Teacher: Apply during last semester; test approval will be granted after degree awarded for M.Ed. in Education Technology.
  • Principal: Apply at beginning of last semester; test approval will be granted after completion of EDCL 6358 (School Law) and EDCL 6387 (Principal Practicum Part I).
  • Superintendent: Apply during final semester; test approval will be granted after completion of program coursework and enrollment in second semester of Practicum.

How to Apply

  1. Know your Texas Education Agency (TEA) number. You will need it for test approval and registration. If you cannot remember your TEA number, submit a request to the TEA Help Desk.
  2. Log into ePortfolio and create and submit an application for Approval to Test. NOTE: If your department requires a practice exam, upload proof of passing the practice exam to your ePortfolio application.
  3. Your request will be sent to the Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) for review. You will not be approved for a test outside of your officially declared teaching field. Please keep in mind that test approval is a manual process and may take up to 10 business days. Test approval cannot be granted over holidays or weekends.
  4. Review the ETS eligibility requirements for testing accommodations. ETS offers Extended Testing Time, Extra Breaks, Screen Magnification, Oral Interpreter, Braille Slate and Stylus--among other accommodations--for eligible test takers. But you must start this process FAR IN ADVANCE. Visit the ETS page for instructions.
  5. Check your Texas State email regularly for an approval message from OEP. This email will contain test registration instructions and links to study resources. NOTE: Students pursuing All-Level certification or Secondary certification may be required to complete practice exams or other requirements for test approval. Contact your department for more information about practice exam requirements.

How to Register for Exams

Register for exams through Educational Testing Service (ETS). You may need to first create an account using your TEA ID number. Contact ETS directly if you have any registration issues: 1.800.205.2626 or

Follow step-by-step instructions through the ETS website.

Review the cost through the ETS Registration Page.

Where to Test

The College of Education hosts a Testing Center right here on campus in the Education Building on Woods Street.  If you want to test here, choose the San Marcos site when you register through ETS. However, ETS has locations all over the state so that you can test at a location convenient for you.

You cannot see test dates or locations until you start the test registration process in ETS. If a location does not appear for the date that you choose, it either means there is no test offering at that Test Center on that date or that the location has filled. Please register early.

Retake Approval

If you are seeking approval to retake your exams, submit the TExES Test Retake Request Form.

Discontinued Exams

If you are seeking test approval because your exams have been discontinued, contact TEA and the Office of Educator Preparation to determine if your coursework and any previously passed exams are usable toward certification.

Additional Exams

Once you become a certified teacher, you may earn additional certification by examination by simply logging into ETS and registering for any of the standard, classroom-teacher certification exams. Visit the TEA website for more about adding additional certifications by examination.


TEA: 512.936.8400

ETS: 1.800.205.2626