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Texas State University’ teacher preparation program is the 1st largest university preparer in Texas and the 4th largest in the United States. 

·        2012-13: 944 students

·        2011-12: 941 students

·        2010-11: 910 students

We are nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and state accredited by the Texas State Board of Educator Certification. 

As a Hispanic-serving institution, 25% of the student seeking certification are Hispanic.

A high percentage of program completers (between Fall 2012 and Spring 2014) passed their state licensure tests on theirfirst attempt.

·        TExES Exam for Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (96% passed, State=91%)

·        TExES Early Childhood through Grade 6 (71% passed, State=60%)

·        TExES 4-8 content exams (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) (95% passed, State=76%)

·        TExES Physical Education (95% passed, State=81%)

·        TExES Special Education (98% passed, State=77%)

·        TExES Grade 7-12 or Grade 8-12 content exams (97% passed, State=70%)

Graduates rate the quality of our program very highly, and above the state averages

·        80% of our graduates were well prepared for the first year of teaching

·        20% of our graduates were sufficiently prepared for the first year of teaching

School principals rate our graduates very highly, and well above the state averages.

The percentage of our graduates who earned positive scores:

·        91% for classroom environment

·        92% for instructional quality

·        97% for positively influencing student achievement

A large number of our graduates are teaching in Texas

·        2012-13: 10,840 graduates

·        2011-12: 10,385 graduates

·        2010-11: 10,294 graduates

A high percentage of our graduates remain teaching in Texas after 5 years1:

·        84.5% of our graduates who taught in high schools (state: 68.6%)

·        78.9% of our graduates who taught in middle schools (state: 73.4%)

·        80.7% of our graduates who taught in elementary schools (state: 76.9%)

1 Source: Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education, 2013 Report