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Field Experience Guidelines

In order to meet TEA expectations for certification, all Post-BA students must complete a 30-hour field experience in addition to any coursework required on the certification plan.  The field experience must be in a school representing their initial area of certification. Students are eligible to request field experience placement after the 12th class day in the appropriate course:

  • EC-6/ESL: CI 5326
  • EC-6 Bilingual: CI 5326
  • 4-8 Generalist, Math, Science, Math/Science, Eng/Rdg/SST: CI 5322
  • SPED All Level: CI 5326
  • Secondary: CI 5363

Enrollment in the appropriate course is required to earn field experience credit.

Students should check the Office of Educator Preparation website to complete the field experience request form (online), then download the forms that must be completed during the experience. 

NOTE: Students should not contact a school district directly.



1) Activities deemed appropriate for this field experience include a combination of the following:

  • observations of the cooperating teacher
  • observations of other teachers as recommended by the cooperating teacher
  • aiding and assisting the cooperating teacher
  • providing read-alouds (elementary)
  • providing one to one instruction
  • small group instruction and whole class instruction

2) The Texas State University student, CI instructor, and school personnel will determine an appropriate schedule to complete appropriate activities.

Field Experience Log and Assignments (included in course expectations)


Each student should submit a Field Experience Log describing their field experience placement and activities using the "Verification and Feedback of Field Experience" form.

Professional Assignments

Professional assignments will be completed with a brief narrative report for each. Assignments include:

1) Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students display when off-task. What are they doing when not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct them or get them back on task? What ideas have you gained for building your own classroom management strategies?

2) What strategies does the teacher use when presenting a lesson? Identify and describe each step in the teacher's lesson. What do you see that is effective in engaging children? What do you see that is ineffective in keeping children engaged?

3) Create a lesson plan based on the curriculum you observed your teacher presenting which should include:

  • Objectives
  • Assessment
  • TEKS
  • Procedures/Instructional Strategies
  • Materials/Resources
  • Closure
  • Modifications for special needs children (i.e., G/T, ELL, LD)

4) Describe any activities in which you worked directly with the students. Reflect on the activity in terms of your presentation of the activity, your management of the students, the effectiveness of what you did, and how you would change it next time.