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Undergraduate Students Seeking Teacher Certification: Step by Step Instructions

As an undergraduate student seeking a bachelor's degree with teacher certification, the courses required for certification are built into your Degree Audit. If you are not sure your Degree Audit shows teacher certification, contact your advisor to see if your major and certification need to be updated.  In addition to the Steps outlined below, you are required to 1) follow your Degree Audit every semester, 2) meet with your academic advisor as recommended by your advising office,  and 3) check your Texas State email daily (even during holidays and between semesters).

Please note: criminal background checks are required for progression through the Educator Preparation Program. Based on information recorded in your criminal history, you may be ineligible for issuance of a certificate upon completion of the Educator Preparation Program. If you have a criminal history, the Office of Educator Preparation (OEP) recommends you pay for a Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation from the Texas Education Agency, schedule an appointment for free legal counseling services through Texas State University’s Attorney for Students, and disclose this information to the OEP.

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