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Evaluation Survey for Mentors

The Office of Faculty and Staff Development in the College of Education has created the following evaluation as a means of tracking your progress as you navigate through the Scholar/Mentor Program.  Ultimately, the data from this evaluation will be used to improve the quality of the COE Scholar/Mentor Program for future participants.  Please reply honestly and fully.  Thank you for your participation.

1.  I met with my Scholar


2.  I met with my Scholar


3.  The working relationship with my Scholar was


4.  In the future, I would prefer


5.  I consider my Scholar to be


6.  The overall process thus far has been


7.  In my opinion, my relationship with my Scholar was


8.  How completely were your expectations met?

Met Expectations:

9.  How much has your growth as a scholar been enhanced as a result of participating in the Scholar/Mentor program?


10.  How would you rate the Scholar/Mentor Program?

Rating: *