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Research Design

For many funders, the strength of your research design (i.e., research questions, methodology, data collection, data analysis) plays a critical role in determining the competitiveness of your project.

The Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research Design and Analysis (IIRDA, see below) is available to help faculty develop their research project.

Contact IIRDA early in the project development process to ensure the research design is appropriate for your project and to obtain the resources necessary for successful execution of your project design. 

University Resources

Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research Design and Analysis (IIRDA)

Led by Dr. Larry Price—CLAS Professor of Psychometrics and Statistics—IIRDA is the primary point of contact for the design of multidisciplinary, large-scale external funding proposals. IIRDA staff provide 10 hours of free consultation on any one proposal and are able to assist with: (1) development and articulation of research projects' technical components (i.e. specific aims/goals, research questions, hypotheses); (2) selection of appropriate analytic methods; (3) identification an creation of appropriate measurement instruments; (4) data management protocols; and (5) data analyses and interpretation of results. 

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Data Management and Security

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to find important information on Texas State policies and available IT support. 

High Performance Computational Resources

Texas State's high performance computing (HPC) platform provides individual educators and researchers a safe and secure environment for data and computing resources. The University provides housing and systems administration for this equipment.