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Racial Justice

The verdict that found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd is a significant moment of accountability, though it does not resolve the ongoing effects of structural racism. These effects are evident in many fatal and otherwise unjust law enforcement actions against Black persons before and after the murder of Mr. Floyd, including Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland. Close to our daily work as the College of Education, the effects of structural racism are evident in ongoing and deeply entrenched educational and health inequities in our society that directly harm Black and other communities of color. Together as the College of Education and in solidarity with our Black students, staff, faculty, and leaders, we recommit ourselves to intentionally opposing racism, bigotry, and hatred; to responsibility for ending educational and health inequities; and to the work of racial justice within and beyond the university. We invite all to join in the university’s ongoing healing, solidarity and educational events including those through Inclusive Excellence – Student Initiatives and faculty and staff opportunities through Inclusive Excellence and the college’s Equity Action professional development. Black Lives Matter.   



Make sure to read Dr. Julie Jackson's (Associate Professor, C&I) article "Teaching STEM - How ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Can Teach Third-Graders About The Engineering Process." Click here!

Congratulations to Dr. Carlton J. Fong, assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, who has been named an Association for Psychological Science Rising Star! Learn more here!

Learn about how the CARES Team Improves Educational Outcomes for ASD-Diagnosed Students Across Texas. Click the link!

Congratulations to Dr. Carlton Fong (Assistant Professor in Curriculum & Instruction) for being selected by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) to participate in the AERA-Fellowship Program on the Study of Deeper Learning (AERA-SDL). The AERA-SDL includes the funding of $25,000 to support his research as well as additional professional development and training activities.

Congratulations to Dr. Stacy Hunter and Karen Brashfleid for being awarded a $4,262 REP grant to support their research entitled “Effects of Hot Yoga on Renal Sodium Handling in African Americans.”

Motivation is a key factor in whether students cheat article
Dr. Carlton Fong (left) and Dr. Megan Krou (right)

Dr. Carlton Fong (C&I, Assistant Professor) and Dr. Megan Krou (Research Analyst, Teachers College, Columbia University) have published an academic article entitled "Motivation is a key factor in whether student cheat." Click here!


Curriculum and Instruction
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares knowledgeable and effective teachers who are responsive to the diverse needs of society. Through school and community partnerships, we advance research-based inquiry and instructional approaches that influence practice and policy.
Health and  Human Performance
The Department of Health and Human Performance creates and disseminates knowledge promoting evidence-based practice in health promotion, exercise science and recreation professions. They work to promote improved human performance and quality of life through evidence-based interventions.
Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology
The Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology provides graduate education that promotes personal, cultural, social, emotional, educational and economic growth. Students generate research that advances the fields of education, mental health, and higher education.