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Community Engagement

Texas State University’s College of Education Reaching Out & Bringing In: Partnering with Our Stakeholders for Learning, Teaching, and Caring in Uncertain Times

The College of Education is here, present, steadfast, mindful, reaching out, and bringing our students, alumni, faculty, staff, partners, and funders together with a focus on learning, teaching, and caring in uncertain times. It is during complex periods like these that the College of Education seeks to dialogue, support, brainstorm, innovate, prop-up, substantiate, and validate our constituent community of educational and health promotion practice. Here you will find stories, resources, ideas, and inspirations from our community that are meaningful and timely.

Teachers Can!

The statewide #TeachersCan campaign, for which our College of Education is a partner, asked the public to nominate PK-12 teachers for recognition and appreciation. 

Anti-Racist Education Resources

Parenting & Home Education During School Closure

How to Talk to Children about Race: Resources

Podcasts, Sesame Street, tips, research, and books for both children and adults. For more information, click here!

Stories & Insights for Remote Teaching & Learning


Read “Student Voices: Remote Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID” from Texas State University's IDeaBook! 

Blogs & Podcasts

Project Maestros highlights that for the last 40 years, Heinemann has published professional resources dedicated to providing materials for teachers. They recently started a blog on their website that posts content for teachers to utilize in online learning. On the blog, you will find a variety of articles, podcasts, and videos. All of these materials range in topics, from remote learning, back-to-school resources, and self-help tips. Heinemann also has a podcast with a new episode weekly. 



Licensed Mental Health Professional Use Play Therapy to Communicate with Children

Learn how licensed mental health professions from The Institute for Play Therapy use "play therapy" to serve as a developmental tool to communicate with children. This therapeutic process allows children to express and resolve their difficulties.

Interested in learning more about play therapy and professional counseling? Explore the graduate program in Professional Counseling here at Texas State University. Click here!

ATLAS & FAVSTE: A Tool and a Framework for Using Video in Teacher Preparation

In the face of COVID-19, ATLAS and FAVSTE are providing a webinar that focuses on effectively utilizing video tasks as teacher preparation. The event will take place on August 12th and August 13th. Learn more here!


Partnering Funder Offers What Works for Education

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) website is a resource for educators to find existing research on different programs, products, practices, and policies in education. Click the link! IES

C&I Ambassadors Zoom Outreach to Undergraduate Students

"Sheltered Instruction Strategies, Building Community of Practice Across a District, and an Ontology of Home: A TXST Alumna's Insights"

Interested in earning your Master’s in Educational Leadership with Principal certification? Explore TXST’s program and faculty here.

Free Online & Cloud-Based Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Division of Information Technology (DOIT) provides a variety of free online and cloud-based resources for faculty and staff members of TXST. These services tools will improve your remote work experience and help balance your workflow. Check out the DOIT website!

Transforming Literacy for Long-Term English Learners

"Transforming Literacy for Long Term-English Learners" by Dr. Maneka Brooks, serves as a guide for bilingual educators with resources to enhance instructional linguistic skills. Learn how teachers gather virtually to improve language curriculum for students as long-term English learners. Click here!

Determinants of Presence Online

Being “present” online is something that the learning community needs, and needs to feel. Here is a convenient table of recommendations to consider to ensure teachers/instructors convey presence in online courses. Click the link below! 

Want to become a leader in educational technology, to use technology to support student learning, to provide professional development for other educators, to lead as a campus or district technology coordinator? Earn your M.Ed. in Educational Technology online! See more here!

TXST Alumna with Important Ideas & Practical Strategies for Supporting Kids During Online Remote Learning

Kayla Santana-Linares, TXST alumna and current middle school social studies teacher in Leander ISD with some great ideas, and free resources, for supporting kids’ social-emotional learning during online remote learning!

Self-Care for Educators

"Stay at Home Doesn’t Mean Stay Indoors"

- Dr. Anthony Deringer and Dr. Kent Griffin

Interested in exercise and sports science or recreation management? Texas State offers graduate programs in both to enhance and advance your career opportunities! For more information about these graduate programs, click here.

Resources & Support for DACA & Immigrant Students

The TXST Monarch Center for Immigrant Students provides a network of university leaders offering resources and support in the form of guidance, strategic initiatives for the academic success and inclusion of DACA and Immigrant students. 

Pandemic Poem

Kate Hardin, a student in the Curriculum & Instruction Teacher Recruitment Program, wrote this Pandemic poem as a part of a reflection assignment in Dr. Julie Jackson’s course.

An image of College of Education student Felycitie Haney and her pet dog

A Day in Quarantine

“A Day in Quarantine” by Felycitie Haney 

COE Research

Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

Dr. Rob Dussler, chief education officer for the Meadows Center, directs and designs nature experiences for the center’s education program, which engages more than 120,000 visitors each year through interpreter-led field trips and tours at Spring Lake.

Doctoral Student in School Improvement Receives P.E.O Scholar Award 

Congratulations to Ann Marie Cotman, School Improvement PhD student, for receiving the highly competitive P.E.O Scholar Award. This metric-based award recognizes and encourages academic excellence and achievement by women in doctoral-level programs. 

HHP Students Win 3 of 9 Awards in Undergraduate Research Conference

Congratulations to students in the College of Education's Health & Human Performance Department #HHP_TXST who won 1st Prize, 4th Prize, and Honorable Mention at the #TXST Virtual Undergraduate Research Conference! For more information, click here!

Cindy Peña Wins 1st Place in the 2020 Visualizing Research Competition

Cindy Peña's "Testimonios: Acknowledging the Silenced Voices of English Language Learners" was awarded 1st place in the 2020 Visualizing Research Competition. Her educational research is derived from Latina's experience in the U.S. educational system after studying English as a second language. Cindy's research details the testimonies of Latina immigrants who have faced systematic cultural, racial, and educational discrimination.

Two Students in the PhD Program in School Improvement Were Appointed as Clark Scholars!

Two students in the PhD program in School Improvement were appointed as Clark Scholars! Ann Cotman and Ashley Hayden participated virtually in this prestigious seminar that brings together noted researchers and emerging scholars who are preparing for careers as university professors.

Interested in learning more about a PhD degree in School Improvement designed for individuals in a variety of educational roles who wish to develop and refine their research and practice skills to provide leadership for educational excellence? For more information, click here!

Reaching Out & Supporting TXST Students

"We're Here for You!"

TXST Expands Bobcat Promise in Response to COVID-19

Texas State University has expanded the tuition-free Bobcat Promise program to give more Texas students the chance to attend the university despite the growing financial uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here!

A Message to All of Our Students: We’re Proud of You Bobcats!

As this semester comes to a close, we want to share a message with all of our students: We are proud of you. These past few weeks, you have worked harder and persevered through tough times. Your tenacity and dedication are an inspiration. Watch President Trauth's video with a special message to our graduating seniors. Click here! 

Leadership & Leading in Times of Uncertainty

Timely! Evidence-Based Guidance for How Schools Can Respond to A National Mental Health Crisis in the Wake of COVID-19 

Are you a K12 educator/educator-adjacent looking for guidance on how to address COVID19-related trauma with students or staff? Free online conference on Friday, June 5. Please spread the word!

College of Education Alumni Update