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Dean's Message

Dean Michael O'Malley
Michael O'Malley, Ed.D.

Welcome to the College of Education website! Our college continues the foundational and inspirational work that our university began in 1899 of preparing exceptional teachers for the schools and communities of Texas, while also preparing candidates for a wide range of professional roles in PK-12 schools, higher education, adult learning, and health and wellness fields.

Our faculty are known for developing state of the art teaching and learning methods while pursuing world class research that improves the well-being of individuals, communities and organizations. In addition to their professional engagement locally at the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses, you will find our COE faculty preparing bilingual teachers and school psychologists in PK-12 school settings; partnering with Texas school districts in the preparation of school leaders; providing mental health and autism services for the public; advancing STEM education capacity in NASA flight and space centers around the nation; conducting research as Fulbright Scholars in Cambodia, Italy and Vietnam; traveling nationally with Texas State sports teams to develop research-based interventions for impact and concussion injuries; leading study abroad experiences in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Chile; and much more around the world. Through their teaching and research, our faculty are committed to solving the problems of their fields and to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. It is an exciting time to be in our College of Education, a community of learners and experts that is proud of its historic recognition as a site of exceptional teaching quality and that has most certainly come into its own as a major research center.

I hope that exploring our website will open up to you the world of accomplishments and possibilities that is our College of Education. Please know that we are passionate about welcoming new partners with a vision of excellence and a spirit of innovation to join us in the work of creating a better world through education, whether as undergraduate or graduate students, faculty or staff colleagues, community partners and collaborating organizations, donors and advocates, or engaged alumni.  


Michael P. O’Malley