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Early Childhood - 12th Grade Health Education

NOTE: Effective Fall 2019, students can no longer newly declare into this degree program.
Current students already declared have until May 2022 to graduate or change to a different degree program.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of the degree and passing scores on the required certification exams, graduates can apply for EC-12 Health teacher certification.

The EC-12 Health certification makes you eligible to teach in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School settings in Texas, as the teacher of record for health.

Any teacher who holds an initial valid Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor's degree can later add additional classroom certification areas by completing the appropriate examination(s).

Considering graduate school?
The Department of Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology offers a specialized advanced degree in School Psychology, which prepares graduates with or without teaching experience for licensure to provide direct support and interventions to K-12 students in collaboration with teachers, families, administrators, and fellow mental health professionals.

While our office assists students seeking undergraduate degrees, we've created a guide that might be helpful for those planning to apply to graduate programs in the future:

Declaring This Major

Schedule an appointment with a College of Education Advisor by calling 512.245.3050 or by stopping by the College of Education Advising Center in the Education building, suite 2143.

To ensure thorough understanding of degree and graduation requirements, students are required to meet with an Advisor before their record will be updated.  In this appointment, an advisor can answer questions about the degree program, update the student's curriculum record in the student information system, and assist with degree planning based on the new declaration.

Admittance to the Teacher Preparation Program

In addition to declaration of the major, students must apply and be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program in order to enroll in Block coursework beyond the Education Core. 

The application and criteria for admittance are available through the Office of Educator Preparation on their website.

Minor and Second Teaching Field Options

This degree program requires a Minor or Second Teaching Field.
Declaration of a Second Teaching Field will lead to a split Student Teaching placement (i.e., partial day in PE setting; partial day in Second teaching Field setting), as well as eligibility to test for and upon graduation apply for the second teaching certification. 

Students that declare a Minor may later test and apply for a second teaching certification after graduating and obtaining their initial teacher certification in Physical Education.

Statements of Understanding

Students wanting to declare into this degree program will be required to review and sign the Statement of Understanding form below during their advising appointment. This form is intended to provide helpful degree planning information to students early in their program to pave the way for successful planning and degree progress.

Degree Plan Checksheet

NOTE:  Information included on checksheets is subject to change. 
For the most updated information for each degree plan, students should refer to the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog and track their progress using a Degree Audit.  Additionally we encourage all students to meet on a semester basis with their Academic Advisor.

Course Sequencing

The ALH teacher preparation sequence spans at least three long semesters (fall or spring).
All teacher preparation coursework requires a 2.75 Overall GPA and Junior Classification, while Block and Student Teaching experiences also require Teacher Preparation Program Admittance.

ALH (PDF, 122 KB)

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

All Texas State students must meet the University's minimum Grade-Point Requirements for graduation [Texas State GPA of 2.00, GPA of 2.5 in the major(s), GPA of 2.00 in the minor(s)].


  1. A 2.5 Major GPA and a 2.75 Overall GPA are required to graduate.
  2. If declared, a 2.50 GPA in the Second Teaching Field is required.
  3. All Major as well as Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.  If declared, all Second Teaching Field coursework must also be completed with grades of 'C' or higher.  

Additional Opportunities

To explore student organizations specifically related to exercise science, health promotion, and recreation visit the Department of Health and Human Performance website.

To explore student organizations specifically related to the teaching profession, visit the Department of Curriculum and Instruction website.

You can also view a more comprehensive list of all the student organizations available across the University through the Student Organizations Council website.

Course Substitution Requests

You may request evaluation of a course taken previously or that you plan to take to confirm whether it is equivalent to a degree requirement in your program.

If approved, provide documentation of that approval to the College of Education Advising Center in order for the course substitution to be reflected on your Degree Audit.

The instructions below are specific to the All-Level Health degree plan.
To request a substitution in a different College of Education program, select from our Majors and Programs list and scroll to the substitutions section at the bottom of that specific program page.

Expand or Collapse all.
  • EXAMPLES: ENG 1310, ENG 1320; MATH 1315*; 030 Life and Physical Sciences; PHIL 1305 or 1320; ART or DAN or MU or TH 2313; HIST 1320, HIST 1320; POSI 2310, POSI 2320; 080 Social and Behavioral Science; COMM 1310; ENG 2310 - 2360

    Submit: Core Evaluation Request

           *If initially approved above, the following require a second approval:
            MATH 1315 - submit to College of Science

    Major, Certification, Support

    Submit: one of the following All-Level Health Substitution Request forms

            For the courses below, instead follow these instructions:
            Minor or Second Teaching Field - submit to appropriate department
            i.e., for a HIST course in a History Minor, contact the History Department