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Planning for Graduate School

We advise only for Undergraduate Programs in the College of Education at Texas State.

Since admission requirements, deadlines, and calculations of Grade Point Average may differ between institutions, students should reach out directly to their desired graduate programs with questions.

We've provided some general information at the bottom of this page in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, as well as referrals to other offices that may be of help to you in your planning.  Each of the four images below are clickable links.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • This depends, and we recommend speaking directly to the specific graduate program(s) you are interested in applying to for guidance.

      • Ultimately, we will not award your degree until you request that we do so by submitting an application for graduation. That application signals our office to review your records and determine your eligibility for awarding of a degree.
      • You may want to consider speaking with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships about your plans, as well as any individual scholarships or loans you're receiving that may hold you to specific criteria in terms of graduation time frame or degree applicability of enrolled coursework.

      If you decide to apply for graduation and be awarded your degree as soon as you are eligible and return to Texas State the following semester only for the purpose of taking coursework in preparation for graduate school, you'll need to apply for Readmission to the University as a Non-Degree Seeking student through the Graduate College at Texas State.

    • This can depend, so our recommendation is that you ask for input from the specific graduate school/program you plan on applying to.
      Your Undergraduate Advisor will assist you with navigating the requirements and sequencing for your Undergraduate program, then you can determine how best to incorporate those additional prerequisites into that plan.

    • Specific GPA calculation policies can differ between institutions when it comes to which coursework is included and how (i.e., some institutions may exclude repeated coursework while others may include both attempts in a repeated course). With that in mind, you should ask for guidance from the specific school/program you plan to apply to. 

      Our Undergraduate Advisors can help you with understanding the basic premise for calculating a GPA (Quality Points divided by GPA Hours equals GPA), but we can only provide you with an official calculation of your Texas State and/or Overall GPA.

      To access a chronological listing of all semesters of coursework included on your Texas State transcript, start at the Texas State Self-Service Log-In, select your Degree Audit from the Student menu, then click on the 'Class History' button just right of center near the top of your Degree Audit screen.