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Closed Classes

Academic Advisors don't have the ability to place students into closed classes; that ability is reserved for academic departments.
For classes outside of the College of Education, please contact the department that offers the course to inquire about their procedure for appealing to get into a closed class.

Closed Class Requests:  AT, ESS, H ED, PFW, and REC classes
By submitting the Closed Class Request form below, your request will be considered by the Department of Health & Human Performance but does not guarantee that you will be awarded an override into the closed course.
You are encouraged to continue visiting the registration system regularly in order to register for a seat in the course if it should become available due to another student dropping or additional seats being added to the section.
If you have not already, you are also encouraged to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss course options and possible course alternatives to fill your schedule. 

Closed Class Requests:  CI, ECE, RDG, and SPED classes
For most CI classes in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Waitlist function of the Registration System is available.
For instructions on how to use this function, please refer to the following link: