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Closed Class Request (PH)

NOTE: This form should not be used to request consideration of a prerequisite override. 

This is a request for consideration of a seat in a closed Health Education (H ED) course.
Your request will be sent to Dr. Jeff Housman and considered by the Department of Health & Human Performance but does not guarantee that you will be granted a seat. You can find similar forms on the same Advising Center web page where you accessed this one that may be used for requesting closed AT, ESS, PFW, and REC courses.  For all other closed courses, contact the academic department that schedules the course to determine your options.

Do not submit the same request more than once.
Do not call the office to check on the status of your request; you will be notified by email.
Use separate forms if requesting overrides for multiple courses (one form per course).

I am a: *
Semester for requested closed course *
Closed Course *
Course Section Needed *
Check the box to indicate that you understand the following: *
Student's Currently Declared Degree Program *
Reason the Override is Needed *
What will your classification be at the start of the requested semester? *