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Emergency Pass (EP) Advising for College of Education Undergraduates

If you received a grade modification to Emergency Pass (EP) for a Spring 2020 course, the information below may help you to understand how the EP grade functions. 


NOTE: The deadline to request an EP grade has passed. 


  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    An EP grade doesn't result in any new quality points or credit hours factored into your grade point average, so it's basically GPA-neutral (neither helps nor hurts).  
  • Sequenced Coursework: if a C or better is a required prerequisite
    Texas State's academic departments still have access to view your original letter grade assigned prior to the EP, and that original grade is what they use to screen for registration eligibility.  That means having a grade of D changed to EP won't save you from having to re-take the course if a C or better is otherwise required.
  • Degree Requirement Satisfaction
    An EP is a passing grade, so it will be applied in cases where a minimum grade of D is normally acceptable.  In cases where a C or better is a graduation requirement (i.e., all Major and Teacher Preparation courses for programs seeking teacher certification), the original grade assigned prior to the EP is what academic departments will use to verify degree requirement satisfaction.  Again that means having a grade of D changed to EP won't save you from having to re-take the course if a C or better is otherwise required.


  • Academic Probation/Suspension 
    Although initial determinations of academic standing were posted to transcripts immediately after grades posted on May 19th, any grade modifications that occur later will result in the recalculation of a student's academic status.
  • Graduation with Honors
    While the non-GPA applicable EP grade won't do anything to help you reach the minimum 3.40 Texas State GPA for graduation with honors, the credit hours earned will count toward the necessary 54 at Texas State to be eligible.
  • Competitive Admission to Graduate Programs
    Admission requirements vary among programs, so you're encouraged to reach out to the specific graduate program(s) you're interested in applying to for guidance about this.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid
    The Office of Financial Aid reviewed student records after original grades posted on May 19th; if at that point you didn't meet SAP criteria or  failed to meet the semester benchmarks in a SAP Academic Plan but you later do as the result of an EP grade modification, you'll need to submit an appeal to their office to have your records revisited.
  • Other Financial Aid or Veterans benefits?
    For Financial Aid inquiries, call 512.245.2315 or email; for Veterans Benefits inquiries, call 512.245.2641 or email 

Still have questions? 
Visit the University's official Emergency Pass (EP) Grade FAQ: HERE.