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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

four bilingual students learning together

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares knowledgeable and effective teachers who are responsive to the diverse needs of society.  Through school and community partnerships, we advance research-based inquiry and instructional approaches that influence practice and policy.

Claims About our Graduates

Teacher education has been a central mission of the university since 1899 when the institution was established as Southwest Texas State Normal School. The teacher education program has received both state and national recognition and has strong working partnerships with the many central Texas school districts that both provide the clinical settings in which the preparation program is delivered and, ultimately, employ program graduates. The teacher education program at Texas State University is the largest university–based teacher preparation program in Texas and produces approximately 900 teachers per year.

 Our graduates demonstrate:

  • understanding of the subject matter they teach.
  • proficiency in pedagogy to meet diverse learners’ needs.
  • caring, professionalism, and effective teaching skills.

Programs and Certifications

News and Announcements

2021 Association for Psychological Science Rising Star Award - Dr. Carlton J. Fong was designated a 2021 Association for Psychological Science Rising Star. This award is presented to outstanding psychological scientists in the early stages of their post-PhD research careers

If you are interested in teaching in C&I as a per-course faculty, please email your CV to