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Teacher and student in a classroomSpecial education faculty with expertise in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis designed the graduate program for individuals who seek to further their careers by receiving specialized training in autism treatment. The master of education degree in special education with a concentration in Autism/ABA is a 36-hour program that provides advanced, specialized course work in special education, autism and applied behavior analysis. Eight of the 12 required courses pertain to autism and applied behavior analysis. The remaining courses compose a related cognate. Students who seek a master’s degree must meet requirements of the Texas State University Graduate College. Graduates may also earn a Texas State University Certificate in Autism.

In addition to 36 hours required for the master’s degree, students seeking initial special education teacher certification will need to complete five special and general education pedagogy courses and student teaching or an approved internship.
For students wanting to complete only the autism and applied behavior analysis course work without a master’s degree, the program will consist of eight specialized courses: three autism- specific courses, two ABA content courses, one course pertaining to positive behavior supports (PBS), one course pertaining to single-case research design, and an autism practicum. Graduates will earn a Texas State University Certificate in Autism.