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Teacher Recruitment Program

Considering a career change?

Those interested in becoming a certified teacher through graduate coursework should contact one of the following advisors before applying, to ensure you follow a path that fits your future plans perfectly:

For Elementary Grades [PK-6] - Dr. Katie Peterson:

For Middle School Grades [4-8] - Dr. Gwynne Ash:

For Secondary Grades [7-12] - Dr. Paul Mencke:


A report from the USED projects a 29% increase in the need for new teachers between
2011 and 2022. 367,000 new teachers will be needed per year.
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Maria Cruz-Stone, Oak Meadows Elementary 2018 Teacher of the Year

Former TRP Student Named 2018 Oak Meadows Elementary Teacher of the Year

Maria Cruz-Stone, 2nd Grade Teacher at Oak Meadows Elementary School in Manor ISD was selected as the 2018 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Stone is only a second-year teacher, having earned her certification through the Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) at the Round Rock Campus of Texas State University. She continued her training and completed her Master of Education degree in December 2017. Mr. Vega, the principal, praised Mrs. Stone’s teaching abilities with all levels of students. To avoid having the Teacher of the Year selection become a popularity contest, he had teachers justify their reasons for voting for a nominee. He is a seasoned educator who came out of retirement to work in the Manor schools, and he concurred with the faculty that she rightly deserved this award. Mrs. Stone describes herself as a first generation college graduate, but after earning her undergraduate degree in a field outside of education, longed to have a different purpose in life – one that helps students overcome their circumstances and achieve academically. She considers parental support crucial to the success of the students and actively recruits their help. Out of 40 teachers on campus, Maria Cruz-Stone feels honored to be considered their role model and knows that teaching is her calling.