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Gail Dickinson

Office: Education 3063
Phone: 512.245.2157

Curriculum Vitae

Gail Dickinson is an Assistant Professor of Science Education at Texas State University, San Marcos. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on Project-based Instruction, Simulations and Technology in Science Concept Attainment and Problem Solving, Factors Affecting Science Teacher Recruitment and Retention.

Courses Taught

CI 5329 Elementary Science Methods
An intensive study of the philosophies of discovery and inquiry as they relate to the elementary school science curriculum; laboratory experiences related to the objectives, content, methods, and materials of selected innovative programs.  Examples:  Inquiry Development Program, Elementary Science Study, Science-A Process Approach, Introductory Science Study, Science Curriculum Improvement Study, Minnesota Mathematics, and Science Teaching Project.

CI 5314 Human Growth and Development
For teachers (elementary or seconary) counselors, supervisors, and administrators to increase their understanding of the motivation, the developmental level, and the abilities of individual students by a direct study of individuals in the classroom; emphasis on increasing scientific knowledge of culture, self-development, and self-adjustive areas of development.

CI 4343 Strategies in Secondary Education
Study of models for instruction, with attention to assessment and classroom management. Students develop and practice strategies for building classroom communities, teaching all learners, and integrating technology into instruction.  Focus on meeting needs of individual learners while maintaining academic rigor. 

CI 4332 Secondary Teaching Curriculum Techniques
Investigation of secondary curriculum: its history, organization, development, and representation in instructional materials. Students learn how curriculum is decided, impacted, and assessed.  Topics include local, state, and national standards, trends and roles of culture and technology in teaching and learning.

Published Works:

Dickinson 1 (PDF, 244 KB)
Dickinson 2 (PDF, 868 KB)
Dickinson 3 (PDF, 180 KB)