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Rubén Garza


Office: Education 3020
Phone: 512.245.8492

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Rubén Garza is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction where he teaches undergraduate and graduate pre-service teachers. He is the Secondary Undergraduate Coordinator and the Texas State University liaison for the Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund for Aspiring Teachers of Color. He is an outstanding educator and dynamic presenter with over 32 years of experience. This sought-after presenter is well known for his fast-paced, highly interactive, and energized presentation style. His past experience includes teaching in the Austin ISD and Austin Community College, and developing alternative certification teachers at the Education Service Center, Region XIII in Austin, Texas. Rubén has shared his expertise of practical strategies for motivating students, actively engaging students, creating a culture for learning, and culturally responsive teaching, with district, state, national, and international audiences. His research includes: student perceptions of teacher caring behaviors; mentoring; feedback; and culturally responsive teaching.

Courses Taught

CI 4332 Secondary Teaching: Curriculum and Technology
Investigation of secondary curriculum: its history, organization, development, and representation in instructional materials.  Students learn how curriculum is decided, impacted, and assessed.  Topics include local, state, and national standards, trends, and roles of culture and technology in teaching and learning.

CI 4343 Instructional Strategies for the Secondary Teacher
Study of models for instruction, with attention to assessment and classroom management.  Students develop and practice strategies for building classroom commuities, teaching all learners and integrating technology into instruction.  Focus on meeting needs of individual learners while maintaining academic rigor.

CI 5363  Strategies for Improving Secondary Teaching
Analysis of teaching concepts as they apply to the development and improvement of teaching strategies appropriate for implementing elected objectives and content by the secondary teacher.  Micro teaching sessions, including video tape recording, will be required.

CI 5306 Evaluative Techniques for the Classroom Teacher
An in-depth study of the objectives of evaluation, teacher-made tests, interpretation of standardized test results, self-evaluation, program evaluation, school evaluation, socio-metric techniques and their use, and reporting to parents.

CI 5370 Classroom Management, Discipline, and Legal Issues
Course topics include the development of an appropriate management and discipline system based on in-depth study of current theory and research.  Students will study Texas School Law as it relates to classroom teachers and students.  Some field work, school and state agency visitation may be required.

Selected Published Works:

Garza 1 (PDF, 156 KB)
Garza 2 (PDF, 153 KB)
Garza 3 (PDF, 67 KB)