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Charise Pimentel

PimintelOffice: Education  3032
Phone: 512.245.3678

Curriculum Vitae

Charise Pimentel is an Assistant Professor who joined the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in 2007.  Her academic background includes a BA in Psychology and Spanish, a MA in Psychology (both from California State University, Chico), and a Ph.D. in the Foundations of Education from the University of Utah.  Her primary research interests are in examining the intersections of race and language in schools and how these social constructs shape students’ school experiences.  She has written several publications in the fields of Multicultural Education, Bilingual Education, Critical Whiteness Studies, and Immigration and Education.

Courses Taught

CI 5330  Multicultural Teaching and Learning

This course is an introduction to many of the critical aspects of multiculturalism in the United States.  Students in this class examine how inequities are produced in schools and how they can be addressed.  Topics in this class include culture, language, racism, immigration, curriculum, pedagogy, accountability, assessment, among many others.

CI 5372  Philosophical Foundations in Education

This course examines how educators attempt to provide equitable and culturally relevant pedagogies in school contexts that are increasingly scripted, standardized, and irrelevant to students’ lives.  In the process of studying various philosophical approaches to teaching, students examine the potential of each approach to provide revolutionary approaches to teaching that may serve to minimize the achievement gap.


Selected Publications:

Pimentel Akeelah and the Bee : Akeelah and the Bee (PDF, 157 KB)
Pimentel Critical Race Talk : Critical Race Talk (PDF, 266 KB)
Pimentel Interruptive Caring : Interruptive Caring (PDF, 115 KB)
Pimentel The Color of Language : The Color of Language (PDF, 187 KB)
Pimentel The Politics of Caring in a Bilingual Classroom : The Politics of Caring in a Bilingual Classroom (PDF, 307 KB)