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Menu of Summer Camps 2022

Online and Face-to-Face

Our camps will be delivered virtually and in person this summer.
Camps are one or two weeks long.
Cost is $270 per child or $235 each for two or more siblings.
For more information, please call 512-245-3680.

Teacher Name Ages Title Desription Dates Time Format
Monica Michell 10-14

High Five!

(NOTE: This is a one-week camp. Cost is $135 per student.)

High Five! Let sight, sound, taste, texture and smell bring your writing to life! In this sensory-based exploration of creative writing, participants will engage in a variety of writing prompts and exercises designed to stimulate the five senses and unlock the imagination. Next, we’ll explore how sensory rich images, metaphors, and details can transform our poems, short stories, scripts and screenplays, graphic novels, memoirs, and journal writing from the ordinary to the extraordinary! July 11-15, 2022 10-1


One Week

Allison Dunsmore 13-17 The Revision Project Writers will compete (against themselves) for a chance to see just what they’re capable of when it comes to revision. With each session, you will get a daily challenge that you must incorporate into your writing.  Will your writing maintain your message and style while meeting the challenge requirements? That’s the goal! Our panel of judges (bloggers, writing teachers, professors, and journalists) will provide feedback to guide writers along the way. This camp will expose the infinite possibilities you have for your pieces, so everyone will leave equipped to take on the writing challenges ahead with ease - assignments and beyond! June 6-17, 2022 9-12


Two Weeks

Ana McDonald 12-16 Primariliy Prose Some prefer poetry, others prefer prose. But the bottom line is that prose is the language of business, academics—even of social media. In this short workshop, we’ll discover the interconnections between poetry and prose and how they reveal our own, unique writers’ voices. Using these tools, we’ll create backstories for characters and scenes and also real world pieces such as opinions and posts. Finally, we’ll collect our creations in an online portfolio similar to the one this camp's instructor used to break into professional writing in the 1990s. June 13-23, 2022 9-12:30

Texas State University campus

Two Weeks

Michelle Crowell 10-14

Walking and Writing with Nature

(NOTE: This is a four-day camp. Cost is $108 per student.)

Writers meet at a central location at Texas State University each day. From there, we walk, talk, study different types of sciences outdoors, and find places and experiences to write about like so many writers have before us. Our living classroom is the outdoors at the beautiful university campus, and possibly, natural history collection at the Meadows Center. This would also allow you, young writers, to know more about your own backyards in Central Texas. Ultimately, you will create a relationship with the outdoors that you may never have experienced before. July 5-8, 2022 8:30-12

Texas State University campus

Four Days

Ilza Garcia 8-11 Magic, Monsters and Mystery Build your own world using the power of your imagination and your writing and drawing tools! We will learn habits and strategies that will help us see our world as writers, find a topic, collect ideas, and create our own stories in impossible worlds. As we create our own works, we will also learn to read as writers and study authors who have created our favorite fantasy worlds, characters and stories. July 5-13, 2022 9:00 AM - Noon

Texas State University campus

Nine Days