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Teacher Fellows Program


The Texas State University-San Marcos Teacher Fellows Program specializes in personalized induction and mentoring of new teachers. Each beginning teacher is immersed in teaching in a central Texas participating school district while completing an M.Ed. in elementary education. The program provides an integrated curriculum focused on principles of constructivist learning, teacher research, project-based learning, and performance assessment.


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Teacher Fellows Program is to provide a supportive professional community for beginning teachers. Through school/university partnerships, the program facilitates on-going professional development for new and experienced teachers that results in effective teaching and enhanced student learning.


Program Goals

The goals of the Teacher Fellows Program address the needs of the beginning teacher, the experienced teacher, the university and the participating school district. The goals include the following:

  • Support classroom-based inquiry focused on improved teaching and learning.
  • Provide continuous professional learning opportunities for beginning teachers, mentors, and university faculty.
  • Build collaboration between school district and university to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Deepen the knowledge and skills of beginning teachers through advanced coursework and on-site mentoring support to improve teaching expertise and increase retention in the profession.
  • Assist beginning teachers in creating environments that promote student learning and positive social interactions.


Program Description

Teacher Fellows is a collaborative induction program between Texas State University-San Marcos and several Central Texas school districts. It addresses first-year teacher needs based on an exchange of resources between the university and the participating school districts.

Through the program, Teacher Fellows earn their M.Ed. while also serving as the fully certified teacher- of-record in participating school districts. In exchange, experienced teachers (thus called Exchange Teachers) from these districts are released from classroom assignments to serve as on-site mentors to the Fellows during their first year.

The cohort approach of the Fellows program builds on shared experiences and the expertise of a seasoned teacher. These Exchange Teachers, who are released from classroom teaching duties for a period of two to three years, provide intensive on-site induction and mentoring support for the Teacher Fellows. As on-site mentors, they provide the novice teachers many types of support such as: information about procedures, guidelines, and expectations of the district; use and availability of materials and resources; teaching and assessment strategies; classroom organization and management; and methods for working with family and community members.

Since 1994, more than 300 beginning teachers have completed the program.  Participating school districts currently include: Hays CISD, Leander ISD, and Round Rock ISD.

Program Benefits

This nontraditional program is open to Pre K-Grade 6 beginning teachers. A cohort approach, which includes a full-time master teacher mentor per three beginning teachers/graduate students, builds on the shared experience and expertise of seasoned faculty. Additional benefits include:

  • Six semesters tuition & fees paid (36 semester credit hours)
  • Fellowship stipend (currently $19,200)
  • Opportunity for Texas State health insurance through Student Health Center
  • Ongoing intensive on-site induction support from Faculty Exchange Teachers
  • Peer support of Teacher Fellows cohort
  • Opportunity to increase and refine teaching skills with academic support through graduate classes


Program Qualifications

Teacher Fellows are fully certified first-year teachers who have completed all Texas certification requirements. Teacher Fellows assume full responsibility for a teacher-of-record position in a participating school district. During that year, Teacher Fellows are supported through direct involvement and supervision by both district and Texas State personnel. The majority of Teacher Fellows are recruited from the student teachers in Texas State’s undergraduate programs, although graduates from other institutions are eligible.

Interested students submit applications, which are screened on the basis of academic, instructional, organizational, managerial, and interpersonal capabilities, as well as on the basis of commitment to teaching and professional growth and development. Individuals applying to the Teacher Fellows program must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree in elementary education from an accredited college or university
  • Passed all Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) by date of interviews
  • Valid Texas teaching license/certificate
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Admission to Texas State Graduate College

Course Sequence

Summer I

CI 5313: Human Growth & Development

CI 5370: Classroom Mgt. & Legal Issues

Summer II

CI 5326: Elementary Curriculum

CI 5375: Integrating Technology in Elementary Curriculum


CI 5390: Research Seminar

CI 5317: Advanced Curriculum Leadership


CI 5389 Action Research for Practitioners

CI 5327: Principles and Practices of Elementary School Teaching

Second Summer I & II

12 hrs of electives

Application Information & Deadlines

Please carefully review the information located at for all application information & deadlines, then note the additional instructions below.

Instructions for Resume:

Note: The resume is very important.  Be sure that your resume is very professional looking and contains no spelling or grammatical errors.

  1. Prepare your resume
  2. Proofread your resume and make any corrections needed
  3. Upload your resume to the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (

Instructions for Teacher Fellows Background Inquiry Release Form:

  1. Download the Teacher Fellows Background Inquiry Release form
  2. Complete and sign the form
  3. Upload the Background Inquiry Release form to the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (

Teacher Fellows Information Form

Please complete the Teacher Fellows Information form so that our office is aware that you intend to apply to the Teacher Fellows Program.

Click here to complete the Teacher Fellows Information Form


In order to be considered for admission to the Teacher Fellows Program your application to the Graduate College and all required documents (resume, reference forms, statement of purpose, and background check) must be received on or before April 1, 2020.

After the deadline in April, the Selection Committee will review all applications. Based upon your qualifications and the completeness of your file, the Committee will select those candidates who will interview with participating school district personnel. If selected as a candidate, you will be contacted by the Teacher Fellows Program to schedule an interview with participating districts.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required.


Please contact us if you have further questions.

Dr. Daphne Everman, Co-Director

Laura Duhon, Director

Sheena Campbell, Administrative Assistant II

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • No. The Teacher Fellows program begins June 1. It is a rigorous program which meets daily. The Teacher Fellows Program is a heavy load of graduate courses which require your full attention. Combining undergraduate work with the Teacher Fellow program was tried in the past but it proved to be unworkable.

  • It is a two-part process beginning with the screening of all applications by the Selection Committee. Qualified candidates interview with school district personnel who then make their final selections during a draft procedure. This entire selection process is completed within 5-6 weeks after the application deadline.

  • No. The program is limited to school districts which are contracted with Texas State to participate in the program. Candidates interview with these districts, which then make their selection and place the Fellows at the school of their choosing.

  • While we are always recruiting additional school districts, the program currently works with Hays CISD,  Leander ISD, and Round Rock ISD.

  • Some Teacher Fellows have come into the program as second-year teachers. However, you must be willing to give up your position and full-time salary and be placed by the school district that selects you. You must also be patient with your colleagues who are struggling with first-year issues.

  • The first Summer I and II classes meet daily from 9:00am – 4:00pm on the San Marcos campus and in area school sites. During the Fall and Spring semesters, classes meet each Monday night and one Saturday per month. Monday night classes meet from 5:15pm – 8:30 pm on the San Marcos campus; Saturday classes are held at one of the Fellows’ campuses. The second Summer I and II classes are electives and will meet as stated in the course schedule.

  • You will be required to pay the $55 graduate application fee to the Graduate College. Otherwise, all tuition and fees for 36 hours taken during the 15-month program are paid by the program. Except for electives courses, books and materials are provided on loan during the program. The program does not pay for any graduation fees (e.g., cap and gown).