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Coursework Master's

  Coursework for Elementary (EC-6 ESL) Degree Seeking

Masters in Elementary Education (MEd): Early Childhood - 6th Grade with ESL

Semester I:

  • CI 5326 Elementary School Curriculum
  • RDG 5322 Teaching Reading in Elementary School
  • RDG 5340 Connecting Reading & Writing in the Classroom
  • CI 5313 Human Growth & Development
  • CI 5336  Methods and Materials ESL

Semester II:

  • EDST 4687 Student Teaching
  • CI 5304 Teaching Math & Science in the Elementary Classroom

Additional Graduate Courses required for MEd in Elementary Education (to be completed within 5 years from the start of the program):

  • SPED 5326 Educational Strategies for Mildly Disabled Students
  • CI 5390 Research Seminar
  • CI 5387 Current Trends in Bilingual/ESL
  • CI 5337  Language Acquisition & Development
  • Select 2 of the following:
    • CI 5328  Social Studies in the Elementary School
    • CI 5329 Elementary Science
    • CI 5303 Elementary Math

Apply to take the Masters Comprehensive Exam during the semester you will complete your last class.

  Coursework for Secondary

Master of Education (MED) in Secondary Education

Semester I:

  • CI 5333 Secondary Curriculum
  • CI 5363 Strategies for Improving Secondary Teaching
  • RDG 5324 Content Literacy
  • CI 5314 Human Growth and Development
  • CI 5370 Classroom Management, Discipline, and Legal Issues 

Semester II:

  • EDST 4681 Student Teaching
  • SPED 5326 Educating Students w/Mild Disabilities

Additional Graduate Classes required for MEd in Secondary Education (to be completed within 5 years from start of program):

  • CI 5390 Research Seminar (Pre-req for CI 5306)
  • EDTC 5310 Introduction to Educational Technology
  • CI 5306 Evaluative Techniques
  • 9 graduate hours in teaching field or approved electives

Required Capstone Experience:

  • Students who entered TRP prior to Fall 2014 should apply to take the Masters Comprehensive Exam during the final semester of coursework.
  • Students who entered TRP in Fall 2014 or later will complete their comprehensive requirement in their capstone course, CI 5306.