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Educator Preparation Program Admittance Requirements

Undergraduate Eligibility for Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program

For the most up to date information about admittance to Educator Preparation, please visit the Office of Educator Preparation website


Graduate Admissions

Applicants must receive departmental recommendation for admission after the application files are completed in the Office of the Graduate College. The Dean of the Graduate College grants final admission approval. Students who hold an acceptable four-year baccalaureate degree must submit an application to the Office of the Graduate College if they wish to pursue a master's degree, take certification course work, take certificate course work, take background courses, or take courses for personal enrichment.   Click here for more information.

Note: Special certification programs, such as Career Alternatives in Special Education (CASE), Certification and Master of Education (C-MED), or Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) may have different and/or additional requirements as stated in the guidelines for these programs.