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Professional Travel Support

Doctoral students in good standing have access to funding for professional travel related to their degree programs. The process is as follows:

  1. PROPOSAL ACCEPTANCE: To receive travel approval and funding, a student must be presenting or co-presenting on an authored or co-authored paper. Following the conference-proposal process, you will receive notification of your acceptance to present (this is an email or letter from the conference organizers). This must be submitted to the Program Admin with your Travel Request (please see #2).
  2. TRAVEL REQUEST FORM: This form is used to request funding for your professional travel. The Graduate Student Travel Funds form must be typed, handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  3. TRAVEL APPROVAL: Students must submit both the Travel Request Form and the acceptance letter in one pdf and email them to the Program Admin (paper copies will not be accepted). If you are traveling to a foreign country, the traveler must submit a T-4 Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk for Foreign Travel Form. After submittal of travel request paperwork, the Program Admin will verify the accuracy and completeness of the documents, the paperwork will then be sent to the Department Chair and the College Dean for travel approval. The paperwork will then be sent to The Graduate College for further approval. Travel request paperwork must be turned in four weeks prior to travel. 
  4. UNIVERSITY LEVEL TRAVEL APPROVAL: When the Department Chair, College Dean and The Graduate College have approved the travel request the Program Admin will submit the travel request to the Travel Office for University approval. The Travel Office will send notification to the traveler and Program Admin with approval or denial.
  5. RECEIPT SUBMISSION: Once the trip is complete, the traveler must turn in all receipts electronically in on pdf within seven days (no paper receipts will be accepted). The Program Admin will review all receipts to make sure they have: traveler name, correct dates, method of payment (ex. visa xxx1234) and amount. Please review the University's Travel Office Polices and Procedures for receipt requirements. Once all receipts are confirmed correct and equal the amount on the travel request, an expense report will be created by the Program Admin and submitted to the University Travel Office. 
  6. TRAVELER APPROVAL OF EXPENSE REPORT: Once the expense report is completed by the Program Admin, you will receive an email requesting traveler approval. This email provides directions for you to complete to approve your expenses. 
  7. UNIVERSITY APPROVAL OF EXPENSE REPORT: After the traveler has approved the Travel Expense Report, it will then be sent for approval by the University Travel Office adhering to travel rules set forth by the State of Texas and the Federal Government. Expense Report approval and reimbursement of funds can take up to 10 working business days.