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Faculty Advising

Students in the Doctoral Program in Developmental Education have access to formal, intensive faculty advising, which forms a core aspect of our apprenticeship approach. We delineate the different advising roles in a few different ways, depending on what stage of the program students are currently in. These roles are: 

  • Initial Advisor - Assigned to students at acceptance into the program and continues until the end of the first year.
  • Program Mentor - From the end of the first year through comprehensive exams.
  • Dissertation Chair - After the completion of comprehensive exams, at the point of forming the doctoral dissertation committee, through to the end of the dissertation defense.

Though these have different names and different foci as appropriate to a given stage of the program, they are all “advisors” and can be referred to as such.

These roles segue into each other, so that you will not have both an Initial Advisor and a Program Mentor at the same time. Each role could be filled by the same faculty member, or each could be filled by different faculty members; in most cases, this is up to you. Your advisor can tell you more!