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Texas Certification As EC-4 Masters Math Teacher Description

The Texas Examinations for Master Teachers (TExMaT) Program has its origins in legislation passed in 1999 (House Bill 2307) that required the creation of the Master Reading Teacher (MRT) Certificate, the development of standards for the certificate, and the development of a Master Reading Teacher examination. In 2001, the Texas legislature passed legislation creating two additional categories of Master Teacher Certificates, the Master Mathematics Teacher (three certificates: Early Childhood–Grade 4, Grades 4–8, and Grades 8–12) and Master Technology Teacher (Early Childhood–Grade 12).

The Master Mathematics Teacher Certificate was created by the 77th Texas Legislature "to ensure that there are teachers with special training to work with other teachers and with students in order to improve student mathematics performance. . . ." A Master Mathematics Teacher will be an individual who holds a Master Mathematics Teacher Certificate and whose primary duties are to teach mathematics and to serve as a mathematics teacher mentor to other teachers.

A Master Mathematics Teacher Certificate may be obtained by individuals who:

• hold a teaching certificate,
• have at least three years of teaching experience,
• complete an SBEC-approved Master Mathematics Teacher preparation program, AND
• pass the TExMaT Master Mathematics Teacher EC–4, 4–8, or8–12 certification examination.

The development of the educator standards for the Master Mathematics Teacher Certificates was completed in November 2001. The first SBEC-approved Master Mathematics Teacher preparation programs became available during the summer of 2002. The TExMaT Master Mathematics Teacher certification examinations will be administered for the first time in the summer of 2003.

More information about the new TExMaT tests and the educator standards can be found at