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How do I get in a Cohort?


What is a cohort program?

A cohort program groups students (usually 12-25) into the same program with the same classes. The number of grouped students can vary from college to college and program to program. These cohorts build strong relationships because they start the program and graduate from the program at the same time. This format of learning is team-based and is an invaluable skill set in today’s workplace.


Why a cohort program

Colleges and universities recognize the built-in disconnect with online programs. Students in traditional programs have the opportunity to form bonds to other like-minded students inside and outside of the classroom. Study groups are formed by traditional students to support each other. Online students can experience this too with the convenience of using their computers. Through sophisticated software such as students and professors can interact in real-time with breakout sessions, pop quizzes, webcam interaction, live feedback and live presentations.

Cohort 3

Benefits of a cohort program

The cohort program gives these students study groups, a sense of community and a strong team-based learning experience. Commonalities for these students are that: they are distance learners; taking the same classes; and earning the same degree. Traditional college learning environments place students from all majors into unrelated classes.

Students have to seek out those in the same program; however, every student in the cohort program is in the same program and at the same level. Instead of one or two classmates to seek a connection, the cohort p rogram offers each student an entire group as a resource.