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Degree Plan Information

Undergraduate Degree Planning

Students may meet with an advisor each semester for assistance with and approval for courses for upcoming registrations.   Advising does not allow walk-in appointments – students may call or come by to schedule an appointment or can refer to the 'Scheduling an Appointment' section on the College of Education Academic Advising website.  

Students also have the option to access their own unofficial degree audit at any time before prior to their advising appointment by going to CATSWEB. The audit should be used to determine which courses to take at each registration.

It is highly recommended that students see their Academic Advisors to review their degree audits within their last 30 hours prior to graduation. Students need to see that they have the appropriate grade-point averages in all courses taken at Texas State and in the major and minor fields of study. If any of the grade-point averages are below the minimums required for graduation, the degree audit can be used in deciding how to raise the averages in the remaining course work.

Click here for instructions for accessing your degree audit.

Graduate Degree Planning and Degree Audit

A degree audit identifies the courses that are required to obtain a degree at Texas State. The degree audit will guide the student in selecting courses for registration each semester.The student may access a degree audit from Self Service Banner at  New students to Texas State should be able to view an audit after being admitted to a program.  Current students will be able to view the new audit at the beginning of the first semester of the change in program. The student should meet with his or her graduate advisor during the first semester of admission to discuss options and review the degree program.  Petitions for changes to a student's degree audit must be submitted by the student's advisor.

Because graduate degree programs are individualized according to degree type and student goals, a student's particular degree program may exceed the number of hours identified for the major in the Graduate College Catalog.  Students receiving Veterans Administration educational assistance must provide the Texas State Office of Veteran Affairs with a copy of the graduate degree audit.

Click here for instructions for accessing your degree audit.