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Master's Programs in Talent Development

Welcome to Master's Degrees in Talent Development

A Different Approach to Talent Development

How people think about 'talent,' 'development,' and 'teaching' matters.  In a master's program with an emphasis in talent development studies, you will be exposed to ways that open talent, development, and creativity beyond dominant perspectives, conventional classifications, and usual locations.  You will think critically and imaginatively about educational practices, histories, policies, and trends, as you work with others who are interested in change.  You will be able to enhance your teaching, your creative practices, and your engagement with the world.

Texas State University offers master's degrees in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Talent Development studies and in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Talent Development studies.  We offer both the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree and the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree. 

These master's degree programs with an emphasis in talent development studies support people in school settings and in out-of-school educational settings in:

  • Encouraging responsive and skillful practices in youth, adults, and communities
  • Encouraging and spotlighting creative action in youth, adults, and communities
  • Thinking critically about practices, policies, systems, and trends in education
  • Increasing equity in education
  • Developing skills for changing their own practices, for mentoring, and for shared collective change
  • Engaging with the world and with the pressing questions of the times
  • Encouraging interest, curiosity, and inquiry
  • Designing approaches for shared well-being

A master's degree with an emphasis in talent development studies opens up many pathways.  You will be able to "apply" an education in talent development studies to school settings, to out-of-school educational situations, and to everyday life.  For example, some of our graduates are now in mentoring and curriculum coach positions in schools, due to knowledge and skills developed through this program.  Some program graduates are teachers in PreK-12 schools or community settings.  Some of our graduates have been inspired through their studies to forge new paths and ways of life outside of school systems.  Our program graduates often say that their master's program opened up their thinking about themselves, education, and the world in ways that helped them to figure out their own next steps in their personal and professional lives.

Our graduate program is unique across the nation.  For example, although 'talent' has often been associated with gifted education or with employees, the talent development studies emphasis at Texas State instead addresses multiple senses of talent, creation, development, and well-being in relation to youth, adults, and communities.  We incorporate a wide variety of research and perspectives. The M.Ed. and M.A. programs of study also have been designed to support student interests and student inquiry.

Courses are offered at times and in formats that are convenient for working professionals and are responsive to students' different situations and needs. Academic advising is personalized for each student.

Make a life, not just a living, with Talent Development studies at Texas State.

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