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What Our Graduates Say

Spotlight: Faith Kane, M.Ed. in Secondary Education-Talent Development

"I was fortunate enough to discover Talent Development at Texas State while searching for a Masters program that looked a little different from what I was finding at other universities. As a teacher of nearly two decades, I felt I had hit the ceiling of my independent learning abilities. I wanted to know more of the theory behind what I had learned through years of classroom practice. Was I doing it right? What the program offered me was far beyond what I had hoped for. The readings and projects set me on a path of liberating self-discovery that will propel me through the rest of my life. I realized my mindset had been limiting me for years, and my professors provided readings and projects that empowered me to free myself and think bigger than I ever had before. I was interested in finding a program to become a better teacher for my students, but what I found was the beginning of a journey of becoming the best version of myself. A year after completing my Master’s degree, I’m starting another new adventure, this time in a field completely new to me, that I never would have thought possible before my Talent Development transformation."