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How and Where to Apply

Tips for Using the Online "Apply Texas" Application

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1. Select "elementary education" or "secondary education" at the beginning of the application form.  Work through the rest of the sections.  

2. The last section of the application form has custom questions for Texas State University.  This is where you will select the concentration of "talent development." Click on the concentration link. Choose "talent development" from the concentration choices. 

If you are not sure about your minor choice, or if you change your mind later, rest assured that it is possible to change your graduate minor after admission into the Graduate College with the completion of a simple change-of-minor form.

Where to apply

The Graduate College has step-by-step information on how to apply here:

Important Application Information from the Graduate College may be found here:

Additional information about applying for master's programs in Elementary Education-Talent Development may be found here on the Graduate College site:

Additional information about applying for the master's program in Secondary Education-Talent Development may be found here on the Graduate College site:

Links to the online application and more information may be found at the Graduate College site. Here is a direct link to the Apply Texas online application:

Choosing a graduate minor

Applicants to a master's program in talent development should select a graduate minor of nine or more semester hours. A list of graduate minors may be found here:

For a personalized set of courses, applicants may select a nine-hour "cognate" minor. This minor provides flexibility for talent development students to pursue nine semester hours in multiple areas of interest. It is possible to take a variety of approved graduate-level courses in departments across the university. Students work with the graduate advisor to select their courses.