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Talent Development Advising

Boko Mascot

Dr. Susan Field Waite is the academic advisor for graduate students who are pursuing master's degrees in talent development.

These programs typically are completed over the span of two years, but they also may be completed in a shorter or longer length of time.

Newly admitted students should contact Dr. Waite for advising and recommendations before registering for courses. 

Selecting your graduate minor

Applicants to talent development studies in either elementary education or secondary education should select a graduate minor of nine or more semester hours.  Popular minors among Talent Development students have included the nine-hour minor in Cognate, the nine-hour minor in Creativity Studies, and the twelve-hour minors in Reading Education and Gifted and Talented Education. Some Talent Development students have completed minors beyond the College of Education, such as the minor in Physics and the minor in Diversity Studies.  A list of graduate minors may be found here:

The nine-hour "Cognate" minor is a tailored set of courses of interest.  This minor provides flexibility for students to pursue either one focused area of interest or multiple interests (e.g., early childhood education, special education, reading education). Students work with the graduate advisor to select the courses in this minor.  Unlike a typical minor, there is not a particular set of required courses. It is possible to take approved graduate-level courses in other departments across the university.

The Graduate College does not allow the same course to count twice (e.g., in both the minor section and the major section of the degree audit).  If there is an overlap in any of the courses in the minor and in the major, a course will be substituted.