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Core Talent Development Faculty

Talent development faculty are passionate about both their teaching and research. Students benefit directly as faculty integrate their cutting-edge research into their courses.  Faculty present their research at national and international conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals and books.  Small class sizes in the talent development emphasis offer opportunities for students to receive individual attention from caring and supportive faculty. 

Students who are pursuing master's degrees in elementary education-talent development and secondary education-talent development take classes both with the core talent development faculty as well as with faculty who teach in other program areas, which exposes students to a beneficial wide range of different perspectives and expertise areas.  The core talent development faculty members are:

Dr. Kristina Henry Collins

Kristina Collins

Dr. Kristina Henry Collins' research focuses on STEM identity, STEM talent development, parent engagement, and multicultural gifted education.  She is a graduate of the The University of Georgia, where she earned a Ph.D. in educational psychology.  She also holds an Ed.S. in educational psychology from the The University of Georgia, a M.S.Ed. in mathematics from Jacksonville State University, a B.S. in engineering from the University of Alabama, and a Military Science diploma in cryptology from the United States Navy.  Dr. Collins has many years of experience with STEM teaching and leading in Title I middle schools and high schools.  Her professional certifications include technology education, AP computer science, and educational leadership/administration.  At Texas State University, she teaches courses related to talent development and gifted education.


Dr. Susan Field Waite

Susan Field Waite
(NASA/ESA Hubble)

Dr. Susan Field Waite’s research deals with questions of existence, thought, creativity, conditions of possibility, and the art of life.  At Texas State University, she teaches graduate courses primarily in the areas of talent development and creativity studies.  She invites students to think differently about education, teaching, creativity, talent, development, and equality.