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Minor in Creativity Studies

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We are excited to offer a graduate minor in Creativity Studies in Education.

Anyone can participate in creative action (doing, making).  The Creativity Studies minor welcomes everyone.  This minor requires a minimum of nine credit hours (three courses) and is available to all graduate students in all majors.

Courses in the Creativity Studies Minor
Courses in the Creativity Studies Minor
1) CI 5310 Creativity: Theories, Research, and Applications
Courses in the Creativity Studies Minor
2) CI 5381 Creativity, Interest, and World(s)
Courses in the Creativity Studies Minor
3) Choose one: CI 5368 The Politics and Creativity of Being and Becoming, or EDTC 5341 Digital Fabrication and Simple Electronics
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  • Graduate Catalog Course Descriptions

    • A multidisciplinary exploration of creativity theories, research, and applications. Implications of current theory and research for creative thinking and innovation. Designed for Master’s degree students in Education.

    • This course examines issues, practices, thought traditions, and research related to creativity, interest, and world(s). Implications for education and justice are explored.

    • This course examines how some aspects of education may be inherently unpredictable, immeasurable, and not able to be generalized across contexts nor produced on demand, but still are fundamentally essential to education. Influences of societal trends, discourses, and school practices on political and creative aspects of becoming are analyzed.

    • This course teaches the use of creativity within educational maker spaces, to inform educators (and their students K-12 grade) to think creatively using digital fabrication and technology. A maker space is a place where people come together to create with technology. Prerequisite: EDTC 5310 with a grade of "C" or better.

Students may change to this minor with the Graduate College's Change of Minor form.  There is no fee for changing minors.  Dr. Susan Field Waite, the graduate advisor for the minor in Creativity Studies, can help you with this change.  Her email address is

Do you have questions about Creativity Studies in Education?

We'd love to hear from you!  If you have questions or comments, email Dr. Susan Field Waite, the academic advisor, at Phone calls and video conferences also may be scheduled through email.