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M.A. in Elementary Education-Talent Development

Key requirements of the Master of Arts (M.A.) program in elementary education-talent development:

  • A minimum of 30 semester hours
  • A written thesis that requires the student to design and conduct a research study related to talent development and/or creativity within the context of education

This degree program typically requires two years to complete.  The length of the program is related to the student's thesis project.  The M.A. program provides the experience of writing a thesis as further preparation for doctoral studies.

Typical M.A. Program Courses in Elementary Education – Talent Development
1. CI 5309 Talent Development
2. CI 5383 Mentoring Across the Life Span
3. CI 5310 Creativity: Theories, Research, and Applications
4. CI 5368 The Politics and Creativity of Being and Becoming
5. CI 5311 Practicum in Talent Development
6. CI 5330 Multicultural Teaching and Learning
7. CI 5390 Research Seminar in Education (must be taken in the first semester of enrollment)
8. CI 7352 Beginning Qualitative Research
9. CI 5399A Thesis A
10. CI 5399B Thesis B
Note: Students continue to enroll in a thesis course until the thesis is completed.

For information about course formats and locations, see Course Formats.

Once admitted to the program, remember to contact your advisor before registering for courses each semester.