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M.Ed. in Secondary Education-Talent Development

Ipads in Secondary Project-Based Learning

Key aspects of the M.Ed. program in secondary education-talent development:

  • Typically 36 semester hours
  • Non-thesis route
  • Typically completed in two years, though it is possible to complete the program more quickly
  • Culminating project, with written and oral components

The course work for this program is not "set in stone," although substitutions must be approved.  The set of courses below is an example of one possible combination of courses.  Students work with their advisor in planning their program.

Typical M. Ed. Program Courses for Secondary Education – Talent Development (determined with the graduate advisor)
1. CI 5309 Talent Development
2. Choice of: CI 5310 Creativity, or CI 5381 Creativity, Interest, and World(s)
3. CI 5383 Mentoring
4. Choice of: CI 5330 Multicultural Education, or CI 5388 Politics of Language
5. Choice of: EDCL 5339 Personal Vision of Leadership, EDTC 5310 Introduction to Educational Technology, or CI 5339 Project-Based Instruction
6. Choice of: CI 5368 The Politics and Creativity of Being and Becoming, or CI 5359 Curriculum for Depth and Challenge
7. CI 5311 Practicum in Talent Development
8. CI 5390 Research Seminar
9.) Choice of: DE 5373 Grants Development and Management, or CI 5389 Action Research for Practitioners
10.) Course in the selected minor
11.) Course in the selected minor
12.) Course in the selected minor


Once admitted to the program, remember to contact your advisor before registering for courses each semester.