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Career Opportunities

Talent Development in Schools
Leadership opportunities

You will be able to apply what you learn in a master's program with an emphasis in talent development to school settings and out-of-school educational settings.  Our graduates have applied their knowledge and skills from this program to a wide variety of career pathways, including but not limited to:

  • classroom teachers in PreK-12 schools
  • career and technical education teachers in PreK-12 schools
  • school district curriculum specialists
  • campus-based mentors and instructional coaches
  • extra-curricular coaches
  • dance teachers
  • art teachers
  • coordinators of gifted/talented education
  • part-time university faculty
  • self-employed artists
  • software engineers

This program does not lead toward one specific career track or toward specific roles in educational administration, such as certification for the principalship.  Many of our graduates are now in non-administrative teacher leadership positions.  Some graduates have continued their education through doctoral studies, such as Ph.D. programs in school improvement.  

Program graduates also make a life, not just a living.  Our program graduates often say that the program opened up their thinking about themselves, education, and society in ways that helped them to figure out their own next steps in their professional lives and personal lives.