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Course Formats

When and where courses are offered

San Marcos Campus

What to expect in 2021:

Your health and well-being are important to us.  The talent development academic advisor will work with you to find the best course modalities for your particular life situation.  Need online courses?  We offer them!  Talent development studies may be completed online.  Enjoy hybrid (blended online and in-person) courses? More of these kinds of courses will be available as semesters progress.

  • Some online courses are designed with a mix of synchronous (e.g., Zoom video calls) and asynchronous activities.  These courses offer the interaction and support of synchronous classes and conferences, while still allowing for much student flexibility in completing the rest of the course activities. You'll find that the online courses that are taught by Talent Development faculty typically have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous components.
  • Some online courses in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and in other departments across campus are 100% asynchronous.  In an online course that is taught asynchronously, there are no synchronous interactions (when everyone needs to be online at the same time).

If my course includes synchronous online sessions, when might they be held?

Fall and Spring: on a scheduled night of the week (e.g., Tuesday evenings)

Summer: daytime or evening, depending on the course


What might I expect after 2021? 

We understand that you may need online courses.  If you need to take your coursework fully online in 2022 and beyond, your academic advisor can work with you to carefully craft a fully online set of courses. Just reach out and tell the talent development advisor about your modality needs. 


Would I have to take classes in the summer?

Taking classes in the summer is not required.