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Beyond a "Gifted Education" Program

Looking for graduate courses in gifted and talented education?

At Texas State University, graduate studies in talent development are not about any of the dominant conceptions of "gifted and talented education."

For students who are looking for K-12 gifted and talented education (e.g., as defined by the State of Texas), Texas State University offers two graduate minors in gifted and talented education.  These minors are available to all graduate students, including students who are seeking initial teacher certification and students from other departments across the university.

Looking for an elective course in gifted and talented education?  The following courses in gifted and talented education may be taken as stand-alone electives:

CI 5308 Introduction to Gifted and Talented Education (typically offered Spring semester)

CI 5319 Social, Emotional, and Cultural Contexts of Advanced Development (typically offered Fall semester)

CI 5324 Systems for Advanced Academics and Talent Development (typically offered alternating Spring semesters; course prerequisite: CI 5308)

These courses support teachers, school psychologists, and other school personnel in addressing the State of Texas standards for K-12 gifted and talented education.  With the successful completion of CI 5308, educators receive documentation that that they have completed more than the State minimum of 30 clock hours of professional development in gifted and talented education, including all three areas noted in the Texas Education Code.