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Mission & Principles


The College of Education Faculty Advisory Council serves as an infrastructure for communication among faculty and between faculty and administration. The council gathers information about issues that concern the faculty and articulates faculty positions on those issues. The council assists in both defining and supporting the mission of the college and advises the Dean on key decisions about the college's future from the earliest stages of the decision-making process

FAC GUIDING PRINCIPLES. The Faculty Advisory Council is resolved to operate under the following primary guiding principles:

  • Principle 1: Community. Build and nurture a community of caring, diverse and supportive colleagues committed to honoring synergistic work and accomplishments in a secure climate supporting freedom of expression.
  • Principle 2: Communication. Create mechanisms and methods for clear, accurate and open communication across the organization and among all faculty, staff and levels of leadership.
  • Principle 3: Shared Decision Making. Create policies and procedures to promote the practice of genuine shared decision making around issues such as planning, fiscal management, workload, personnel, evaluation, policy, and other matters critical to the operation and success of the College of Education .