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Student Voices: College of Education Graduate Students at İAdelante! Conference

Student Voices
College of Education Graduate Students at ¡Adelante! Conference

The ¡Adelante! Conference for Bilingual and Dual Language Educators is a teacher-led conference hosted by the Austin Area Association for Bilingual Education. This year, five graduate students attended and presented at the conference, with assistance from Curriculum & Instruction assistant professors Dr. Kiyomi Colegrove and Dr. Luz Maldonado. Below are reflections from the students on their experiences at the conference.

Student, Dr. Kiyomi Colegrove, Student, Student, Dr. Luz Maldonado, Student, Student
Mireya Gonzales, Dr. Colegrove, Daisy Hernandez, Griselda Conde-Holman, Dr. Maldonado, Lourdes Huerto, and Anada Aguilar

Griselda Conde-Holman, Reading Education

What an inspiring weekend of sharing our conocimientos! I had the great honor and privilege of being a first-time presenter at this year’s Adelante Conference with Dra. Kiyomi Colegrove. Our conference room was filled with educators from all over Texas who wanted to enhance their learning about culturally relevant pedagogy in the multicultural and multilingual classroom. Even as I shakily stood in front of the small group of teachers, I found that each passing minute was welcomed with warm smiles and head nods that made me feel like I was sharing something worthwhile. I knew this was not surprising because of the knowledge I gained in learning about culturally relevant pedagogy in my graduate program at Texas State. Attending this conference was an amazing and rewarding experience for me and my colleagues. I had the time to connect with other multilingual educators, administrators, and scholars. Overall, I felt recharged in my work as an advocate for children who are learning multiple languages.

Dr. Kiymoi Colegrove & Griselda Conde-Holman
Dr. Kiymoi Colegrove & Griselda Conde-Holman

Mireya Gonzalez, Elementary Education (Bilingual/Bicultural)

Mireya Gonzalez and Dr. Kiyomi Colegrove
Mireya Gonzalez and Dr. Kiyomi Colegrove

To be given the opportunity to speak at the Adelante conference this past February was a wonderful experience in so many ways. First, it gave me the opportunity to share what I have learned about the importance of parent involvement for English language learners. Second, it helped me to experience how to prepare and present at such conferences. Under the guidance of Dr. Colegrove I gained the confidence I needed to be a presenter and I also learned how to provide an informative session that could help others who share a similar interest in my topic. Third, I was able to network and meet other people that share the same passion for bilingual education. It was interesting to see and hear what other teachers had to share and think about how I could utilize their ideas in my classroom. As I continue my professional growth, I hope to have similar opportunities to share what I have learned and what I have experienced as a bilingual teacher.

Dr. Maldonado, Lourdes Huerto, Ananda San Miguel and Daisy Hernandez

Lourdes Huerta, Elementary Education (Bilingual/Bicultural)

Presenting at the Adelante Conference hosted by the AAABE was an impactful learning experience. Being able to present at such a large conference with the support of my classmates and the guidance of Dr. Luz Maldonado allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking. Most importantly, it allowed us to put into practice the knowledge we have acquired throughout our graduate experience in the Bilingual Education program. We were able to showcase and share the implementation of the most current research backed pedagogies in our bilingual classrooms. After presenting, I have had first-year teachers at my campus reach out to me for guidance in better supporting their bilingual students. This wonderful experience was definitely not one I would have had if I had not joined the Bilingual Education Graduate Program. I am very excited to hopefully lead a group of bilingual teachers on my campus at next year’s Adelante Conference and to continue advocating for our bilingual students.

Ananda San Miguel, Elementary Education (Bilingual/Bicultural)

This was an amazing experience for all of us. We presented classroom work on a Translanguaging unit that we had created together at the BILG 5374 class. Personally, I was very happy to share classroom work to teachers from different school districts because this is a unit I was very passionate about and one my first grade students loved to work on. The theme of this year’s Adelante was “Standing Strong:Biliteracy es nuestro superpoder;” it really felt this way. Creating the unit with Dr. Maldonado’s guidance and classmates, putting it through the test in our classroom to then sharing with the audience at Adelante felt incredible. Biliteracidad es definitivamente un poder maravilloso, y lo pudimos vivir al presentar nuestro trabajo de Translenguage. El colaborar con otros educadores que tienen la misma pasión por enseñar y compartir nuestro bilingüismo es una sensación inigualable. Muchas Gracias, ¡Adelante!