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Meet Our Staff

Maneka Brooks, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Academic Affairs and Educator Preparation

Dr. Brooks responsibilities include curriculum planning and development, oversight of the COE Undergraduate Academic Advising Center, serving as the dean’s officer for academic appeals, collaborating with educator preparation programs across the university’s various colleges, convoking our Teacher Education Council and Teacher Education Advisory Council, providing dean’s level leadership for educator preparation programs in collaboration with the director of educator preparation, and advancing academic initiatives and models that support student success.

Patricia Rocha, Ph.D.


As director of the Office of Educator Preparation, Dr. Rocha works with departmental leaders across the University regarding educator certification requirements, assists in recruiting students from high-needs teaching fields into teacher education, and works with school district administrators to provide field experiences for students working toward initial teacher certification.

Jim Van Overschelde, Ph.D.

Director, Evaluation and Research

Dr. Van Overschelde conducts formative and summative evaluations of the University’s 40+ initial and professional educator certification programs, leads the reporting efforts for each programs’ Texas, Title II, and CAEP accreditations, leads many evaluation activities designed to improve the quality of the University’s educator preparation programs and data, and works with other faculty members on research designed to improve Texas State’s programs and to inform state and federal educator preparation policies.



Full time faculty in the Curriculum and Instruction Department within the College of Education. Works as Coordinator in the Office of Educator Preparation, working in close collaboration with director and staff to support the implementation of program expectations, and acts as a direct support for student teaching faculty. Also holds a position as Lecturer, teaching a variety of undergraduate education courses.

Angela Leibold

Certification Officer

Angela's primary role is to recommend candidates to the State Board for Educator Certification. Other duties include advising Stand-Alone Teacher Certification students, processing applications for Admittance to the Educator Preparation Program, and preparing Certification Plans. 

Magdalena Ortiz

Office Manager

Magdalena is the office manager for the Office of Educator Preparation. In addition to overseeing purchasing and other administrative duties, the Office Manager processes TExES test approvals for teacher candidates.


Travel Specialist

The receptionist for the Office of Educator Preparation. Oversees all travel requirements for OEP employees and the student teaching faculty. Fields phone calls and walk-ins and advises prospective students on the Educator Preparation Program requirements.

Christa G. Mawyer

Student Teacher Placement Specialist

Christa works with school districts throughout the state of Texas and university departments regarding student teacher placement.  She also oversees 30-hour Observation arrangements for post-baccalaureate students and maintains our insta and social media communications.