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Request to Retake a Failed Exam

Testing (Certification Exams)

Test Retake Request Form

This form is for Texas State University teacher candidates seeking approval to retake a TExES or TExMaT exam. Beginning September 1, 2015, candidates will be limited to FIVE (5) attempts of any educator certification examination.  The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is implementing this change to Texas Education Code in response to House Bill 2205, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015.

Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

STOP! Read all the instructions before filling out the form. 


If you are taking the exam for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time

  • Exam Score Reports: Candidates seeking their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th attempt must UPLOAD exam score reports.
  • Study Activities: Also, candidates will be instructed to complete specific study activities before test approval will be granted.
    • These study activities will include a written Study Plan; and
    • A score of 85% or higher on a practice exam from the list of resources on the Study for Exams page.
  • Time Limit: Texas State University will issue approvals to retake exams for up to two years after the date a candidate completes the Educator Preparation Program.
  • Appeals: After two years, a candidate may complete this form as an appeal for approval to test. The candidate will be required to complete study activities or, in some cases, repeat coursework before test approval will be granted.

If you are retaking the Core Subjects exam

  • ANY attempt of the Core Subjects test or a subtest counts toward your FIVE (5) attempt test limit. DO NOT TAKE A SINGLE SUBTEST by itself unless you only have that one section remaining to pass the exam.
  • If you fail two or more sections of the Core Subjects test, then you should register for the complete test (test 291 or 211) and skip through the sections of the test you have already passed by clicking next, next, next, and so on until you get to the section(s) that you still need to pass. Only if you fail only one section should you take that specific subject subtest.
  • Candidates who inadvertently register for individual subtests may contact Pearson to reschedule those exams into the appropriate Core Subjects exam.

If you need additional study resources

  • The tests are very rigorous and should be attempted only after extensive preparation.
  • While it is the responsibility of each candidate to prepare for exams on an individual basis, the Office of Educator Preparation has provided a list of available resources on our website
  • Choose a combination of study guides and tools that are appropriate to you and your learning style.


I understand that Texas Education Agency limits candidates to one attempt and four retakes and that Texas State University will not approve TExES retakes for candidates who completed the Educator Preparation Program more than two years ago. I am aware of the Test Preparation resources available to me through the Office of Educator Preparation and third parties. *
For candidates attempting the Core Subjects EC-6 or 4-8 exam: I understand the Core Subjects retake policy, and I know that it may be in my best interest to retake the whole exam instead of a single subject subtest.


Upload Exam Score Reports if seeking approval for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th attempt.